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  • Brand: ARTICO

    Price €729.17
    Dedicated to drifting fishing on Bluefin tuna, the Apache series is featuring a special blank where the engineers focused their research to get a fastest action blank than any other else existing, especially dedicated for tournament where the fastest you get the fish tagged, the fastest you can fish again and make more quantity than others competitors ! Featuring the exclusive Artico Dynanotex fiber, offering more resistance to torsion, 50 % more reactivity and 40% nervosity than conventionnal fibers.

    Price €1,345.66
    The Cheyenne Champion is empowered by the Dynanotex carbon Fiber but its contruction is dfifferent from other blank due to a special mandrel used on the blank. The conicity and diameter is different and particular to the Cheyenne Champion this give an extended nervosity an stifness on the 40 cm above the handle ! this technical approach is the joker when the fish is under the boat and that you need a stronger rod to "end" the fight but you cannot change the rod !!