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  • Brand: SHIMANO

    Price €249.17
    These Tyrnos for trolling are very robust but light and therefore pleasant to use. They are ideal for offshore fisheries. Available in 80lb and 130lb, they have a progressive action to carry out the fighting. Reel "PacBay" Shimano stainless pulleys, EVA handle and gimbal aluminum + ... everything comes together to meet your requirements. The heel is right on the models 80 and 130 and bent on the 80B model. Key benefits: • Blank HPC 200 carbon with Biofibre with Technology "Twist Control" Cannes • 2 sprigs • Stainless steel blocks Shimano • aluminum reel seat PacBay • right heel on the model 80 and 130; bent on the model 80B • Front handle EVA handle and rear aluminum • Cardan • Cover fabric

    Price €332.50

    This rod has been specially designed for the "Slow Jigging" with a conventional reel as the Ocea Jigger 2001. Its a blank ultra parabolic action and a flexible tip that allow to work perfectly with the three variations of "Slow Jigging "mentioned above. This rod was constructed to meet the smaller load, even when a light impulse "pitch" of 1/2, 3/4 or 1/8 turn of the handle, 20 to 30cm long. She replies, sitting up slowly and gradually.

  • The Ocea BB Bluefin spinning series is specially designed for targeting Bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean. The tip is softer than the heavy game models, which enables you to cast smaller lures and metal jigs at long distances to feeding fish. The rubber gimbal cap and long front grip produces a comfortable solution for long hard battles with powerful fish.

    Price €165.83
    Fishing top water lures is one of the most exciting ways of catching fish. It is visual and dynamic with explosive hookups. Multi-piece rods are easy to store and transport to distant locations when pursuing your favorite saltwater species. Supplied with a hard case tube for international travel.
  • The "Shore Boat" Beastmaster STC is a remarkable sea rod for fishing from the shore or by boat. In 3m, it can shy away from the edge or rocks, while at 2.40m, she will be more comfortable for fishing boat. This versatile stick is a wonder to run as swimmers fish soft lures or "jigs" long distance. Very convenient for traveling fisherman!

    Price €270.83
    The Beastmaster Powergame has been designed for the traveling angler sea in search of big fish. His XT60 + Biofibre is extremely rigid to compete with the more aggressive fish. At 2.50m, this rod will be directed to shy away from big hard lures, in 2m, it will be more suitable for fishing in depth and vertical with "jigs." With two scions, the Beastmaster covers many fishing techniques

    Price €240.83
    This fishing rod comes with two scions, has the advantage of being able to fish in two different lengths and actions: the lighter tip, it measures 2.50m and can work lures 7-21g. With the second tip, it measures 2m and action, faster and steeper, is designed to cast lures of 14-40g, but also "Jerks", "Twitchbaits" ... With a good power reserve in its first section, the Beastmaster Twin-Tip is ideal for fishing lures traveling.

    Price €120.00
    The Stand Up Shimano TLD rods are rods designed for trolling in stand up. With the new exclusive carbon used by Shimano and his heel fiberglass, the new TLD cane is even lighter and stronger than his little sister. Pulleys mounted with Shimano, the canneTLD Standup has an action similar to models more upscale and it will not fail to seduce all fishermen. 2 models with pulleys (R) power 30/50 and 50/80 lbs.

    Price €291.81
    grappler S604 The S604 is a cane to "jigger" light and well balanced, two essential qualities that will reduce effort and fatigue that may cause this technique a significant advantage to fish and stay longer concentrate. With 1.83m, this rod is in his element when it "jigge" on a boat. Its 90 to 200g power range allows the use of "Jigs" most popular in our waters and will respond to the challenge in any fish. Only 180g for extended use and an extraordinary power reserve, that's the Grappler S604!

    Price €291.81
    grappler S80M This rod has been designed to obtain performance for optimal launch lures 25 to 80g thanks to its 2.44m. The S80M has enough power to cash "rushes" with a brake set at 8kg, all coupled with rapid action so as to effectively work his lure and just enough flexibility to tip to avoid land a nice fish when it comes in the cane. The Grappler is an outstanding pitcher for all minor surface fisheries and 'Medium' action allows to enjoy all the fights with a max of sensations.
  • Rods launch Ocea BB Bluefin are designed to fish for yellowfin tuna in the Mediterranean. The tip is more flexible than models "Heavy Game". It allows far throw small lures or "Jigs". Equipped with a universal joint and a long handle, you'll be comfortable to fight the bigger fish. Fitting System by ferrule.

    Price €107.50

    ines successors of our rods Exage Ax Travel popular: XT60, Shimano "Hardlite" hook keeper and tube reinforced protection are the main features of these new canes. They fall into four or five sections for convenience, while ensuring the same action (see, the better!) Than other canes "spinning" into two strands. Travelers will be so pleased!