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    The Seaguar Manyu Fluorocarbon is softer than the FXR. This explains why it is used in bigger diameter for drifting and chumming.

    Besides, you can use it several times as it does not being white after a few uses ! A must have flurocarbon !

  • fxr

    Price €24.17

    The FXR fluorocarbon from Seaguar is really the best option for your leader ! Smoothness, stay clear and smooht even after weeks... moreover, its price is unbelieveable for a 100 Mt spool.

    BOBINE DE 100 Mt


    Price €20.83

    Discover one of the best Fluorocarbon! The Seaguar Neox Yuki is a real innovation in the fishing line, it was made with the company Kureha Chemicals located in Japan. Its resistance is truly exceptional, it has been tested as the best fluorocarbon in the world on this point. Searguar Neox is completely transparent in water, moreover it will not be damaged by UV rays. It is made exclusively of Seaguar resin, you will see that it will resist very well the abrasion. This fluorocarbon is without memory.