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  • Brand: FLASHMER

    Price €3.00
    A jig that easily launch and achieves remote hunts. Small weights (21 g and 28 g) are ideal for use as a casting highest weight (40g and 60g) can be used vertically. RESISTANT Coated with a reinforced epoxy varnish, armed with 2X hooks and split rings forged extra strong, Spot Metal was thought to permanently withstand the most aggressive fish. ATTRACTIVE The Metal Spot uses 3 holographic coatings   different that return more or less light and gives a result more attractive. - Lateral line very visible decoy. - Red-eye 3D holographic reflections. - Gills oversized.

    Price €8.25
    Very effective on hunting tuna and bonito. This casting jig swings side to side by alternately showing each of the coatings. This effect is amplified during its descent in the layers of water or when twitché. This lure can reach difficult areas of approach or distant hunts. Highly reactive, it performs brightly swerving at the slightest drawn like a panicked fish. Very versatile, it can used both to start and vertically. A jerker without moderation! It will also be useful for fisheries edge to reach the most remote and deeper layers of water areas.