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    Price €65.83

    Specifically designed for traveling lure fishing in fresh water or at sea, the BASSPACK PRO is a medium volume backpack (around 30 liters), with multiple pockets and storage (front, side and belt) and systems side allowing the transport of canes.

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    Price €24.92

    New TACKMAX fishing gloves by HPA!

    Maximum sensitivity, comfort, protection and grip by the combination of many materials.

    Available in 4 sizes (M, L, XL, XXL) 

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    Price €14.58

    The only lure that can either catch a fish or cephalopod. Mounted on a body of Crystal Minnow whose reputation is to do two arms allow the angler to capture all that is within his reach: Squid, Cuttlefish, Sépions, fish of all kinds ...

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    Price €115.83

    The Giganticus 50+ features heavy duty plastic and super thick wall construction to handle the really big jobs of blue water fishing and is proven to bring up the big ones. Its unique patented line tie insure true and straight running at speeds up to 10 knots. The G-50+ can be trolled to depths over 50' using only 150' of 50lb mono. Comes rigged.

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    A complete series of Slow Jigs by Black Magic, a brand renowned worldwide for the Big Game and more generally for sport fishing. Unique shape ensuring a zigzag fall and an erratic swim. All colors have stripes or lumo spots. They are delivered "ready to fish" with a strong Assist Hook on Kevlar.

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    Price €866.67

    IKARI blank which equips the new FOKEETO IKARI. Unlike the other blanks which are hollow, the IKARI blanks are full and incorporate a super elastic carbon material. These rods are extremely fine but have a phenomenal resistance to breakage as well as an extraordinary strength of resilience. Thanks to their action which is both elastic and flexible, the FOKEETO IKARI manage to control short, long and slow jigs whereas previously a specific rod was required for each type of jig to obtain the desired action. Its extraordinary reserve of power will give you a definite advantage in a difficult fight against a fish and you can fully count on your FOKEETO IKARI. 

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    Price €869.17

    ZENAQ has put all its experience, ie 60 years of rod manufacturing, at the service of this new series of rods called TOBIZO. The brand new TORAY T1100G carbon was used to give these rods the maximum potential. The greatest asset of this TOBIZO rod series is its long distance throws.

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    Keep Alive Aerator KA800

    Price €99.17

    Easily turn your ice chest or bucket into a live bait well with one of Keep Alive's high-performance 12-volt aerators with suction cups or choose the floating model for use anywhere. Oxygen is pumped into the water at the pump impeller, producing millions ofÊmicro-fineÊbubbles that will help keep your bait alive. These tinyÊbubbles are able to remain suspended in the water longer, resulting in more dissolved oxygen and more thorough aeration. Excellent for both freshwater and saltwater.Ê

    800 gallon per hour 

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    • Fluorocarbon in the center of the braid to stiffen the assist

    • Barbarian® type hook and Needle SharpTM point for superior opening resistance and exceptional spiciness

    • Over 40Kg of linear resistance on the range!

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    • The ideal ready-to-use hook for slow jigging / light jigging techniques

    • The exclusive Barbarian shape allows exceptional opening resistance

    • Recommended for metal jigs

    Characteristics :

    • VMC steel: Hi-Carbon

    • Barbarian technical form

    • Forge

    • X-Large shape

    • Needle Sharp tip

    • New

    • When POWER is the key to fishing and it is necessary to extract fish quickly from its area

    • Perfect combination in Dyneema and (White) and Kevlar (red) assist braid

    • Developed and tested on ultra powerful fish (GT, TDC and sharks)

    • VMC® TI coating: better corrosion resistance + Flash for during animation

    2 per pocket