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  • MINULO the jig is derived from ULO JIG brand KS PROANGLERS, it has a shorter and stockier body, it is a bit tiring and easy to animate short jerk jig. The dogtooth tuna and other predators crazy about this jig which has a stainless steel frame ultra resitant.

    Price €10.00

    The Swavers has a very innovative design of its multi-faceted sides that return a maximum of light reflections on the water bottom. Its swing from one side to the other jig that provides a more effective action of the profile. Like all jigs KS, the Swavers has a hardwearing stainless steel chassis.

  • KS ULO 210

    Price €18.33
    This new jig is ideal for fast descents! It allows to explore efficiently directly on the echo sounder. Short and stocky with a prominent eye, the sides are very bright for a very fluttering swimming!