If the new Spheros SW represents the entry level of the “Spinning” sea reels, it nevertheless has many points in common with the latest generation models: X-Ship system which ensures maximum recovery power, hybrid X-Shield frame, XGT-7 X Protect rotor, “Super Stopper II”. Available in three sizes, the 6000 is very versatile and ideal for casting and jigging. As for the larger sizes in 10,000 and 20,000, their line capacity and brake performance lend themselves perfectly to tuna and GT fishing.

All sizes have a cold forged aluminum AR-C spool, for a better performance and more power. To start sea fishing or to complete a range of more high-end reels, the Spheros SW has it all.


Strong points :

• Hybrid "X-Shield" frame and XGT-7 "X-Protect" rotor

• "X-Ship" gears increase reel performance and improve recovery power

• 4 protected bearings S A-RB + 1 needle

• Perfect distribution of the line on the spool thanks to the "Varispeed II" system and the AR-C spool to improve casting performance

• Powerful and sealed brake - 18kg capacity for the 20000 model

• “Super Stopper II” system without manual ratchet for more safety

Characteristics :

• 4 Protected Bearings S A-RB + 1 Needle

• Hybrid frame

• Single Handle in Machined Aluminum

• Monobloc pick-up

• Cold Forged Aluminum Gears

• "Super Stopper II"

• "Dyna-Balance"

• "Power Roller"

• "Hypergear"

• Floating Shaft II

Twinpower 14000XG

Specific References

Combinations Récupération (cm) Poids (g) Puissance de frein (kg) reference Price quantity Add to cart Add to cart

SHIMANO SPHEROS SW A : Récupération (cm):134, Poids (g):680, Puissance de frein (kg):12

Récupération (cm) : 134,

Poids (g) : 680,

Puissance de frein (kg) : 12

Twinpower 14000XG

Price : €199.17

134 680 12 Twinpower 14000XG €199.17