Ragtenya - 100G

Tenya fishing remains a complex and more technical fishing than one might think. It was interesting to create a new tenya that meets the requirements of experienced anglers but also makes this type of fishing more accessible and entertaining. This is why this new “RAGTENYA” was born. The creation of this tenya brings a real change in this fishing, the novelties proposed on this model make it "UNIQUE". It had to be technical for experienced anglers but also versatile for all other anglers looking for beautiful fish and new sensations.

Poids 100gr


This tenya has many advantages:

• Its sabot shape allows it to have very good stability in use whether it is in a free descent (i.e. open pick-up and you let it go down) or in a controlled descent (you lets the thread slide between the fingers to slightly slow down the descent). It will always sit perfectly on the floor.

• Its raised front in the shape of a “beak” allows it to make small leaps when the fisherman wishes without snagging the bottom and remaining as natural as possible, as if the shrimp were making a small leap to move around. This allows the button to be triggered at certain times.

• Its noise balls inside the head; unheard of on a tenya. The emission of high and low frequency sounds triggers the curiosity or nervousness of fish and arouses their aggressiveness. This brings more hits because they don't just attack because they're hungry.

• Its attractive foam at head level. This absorbent foam allows you to diffuse the attractant of your choice, which makes fish less suspicious because the bait seems even more real. The fish will be more determined and will have a better grip on the mouth of the tenya.

• Its armament. It has a main hook and novelty, it is equipped with a double hook assembly in series assembly. Formidable during the bite, much more success, what all anglers are looking for. It is always more reassuring to have an extra hook that makes it once again unique on the current market.

• Its eye signal placed on top of the body to reinforce the attraction.


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Ragtenya - 100G : Colour:SHP

Colour : SHP

Price : €9.92

SHP €9.92

Ragtenya - 100G : Colour:ORANGE

Colour : ORANGE

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Ragtenya - 100G : Colour:OR

Colour : OR

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Ragtenya - 100G : Colour:ROSE

Colour : ROSE

Price : €9.92

ROSE €9.92