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    Many fishermen who use the Z Claw Original understood interest to plunge the lure in the film animating low cane and slightly accelerating movement. Often this is when the Z Claw happening below the surface that touches the trigger. The Sinking model is an evolution of Z Claw just to make the most of this specific position swimming. With some small additional grams, not only the Z Claw Sinking starts even further, but it is slightly runny which promotes this swim so interesting. That fans of monstrous attacks reassure surface, enlivening high cane, do you happen to swim in the water as any conventional topwater. The ideal is often to find the position of cane and the speed of recovery that will allow him to swim with the back flirting with the surface and leaves a light trail behind him.

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    As its name suggests, the Z Claw Rattlin is bruiteuse version of Z Claw Classic. 2 in addition to dedicated large Z-balancing Claw conventional stationary balls, the small version includes Rattlin balls positioned in a compartment at the rear of the back of the decoy. These balls collide whenever the Z-Claw is off-center or moving from one side to the other, causing a high-frequency sound. Widely used in the Mediterranean in particular, it is clear that there are places and conditions where rattlin release surpasses the original model as the inverse.
  • Z WING 150 et 350

    Price €99.17

    A revolution in deep drags. Z Wing 150 is especially suitable for fast trolling with artificial lures (up to 7 knots) With its streamlined shape allows you to reach previously unexplored depths (40 meters). Z WIng 350 is designed for slow trolling with sharp (from 1 knots). Heavier it descends deeper at low speed.

    Z WING 150 Weight 680gr

    Z WING 350 Weight 1590gr

  • YS21

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    YS21 the triple benefit of the legendary manufacturing quality DECOY. Their classic shape with equilateral distribution of branches make excellent triple tail for all lures. Totally impossible to open over the fish of our coasts. They are coupled with triple TS21 to optimize arming your lures. Exceptional quality / price ratio!
  • Small size (SSS = 7 cm), this jig will do wonders at the beginning of the season and on small cephalopods. True technology, ULTRA BAIT benefits from the latest innovations from YO-ZURI: • 3D EYES & PHOSPHO BODY This jig provides maximum efficiency whatever the time of day: daytime, bright colors, iridescent 3D eyes and body with aurora reflections attract cuttlefish and squid. At night, his eyes and his body are completely phospho and trigger systematic attacks. • ANTI-SCROLLING ATTACHMENT Its rolling attachment guarantees that the line will not twist, even under the most difficult conditions.
  • The CRYSTAL MINNOW DD perfectly reflects daylight to make the lure very attractive even when the water is cloudy. Particularly effective in trolling (between 3 and 5 nodes), it can easily be used to throw-bring. Its large bib allows it to dive very quickly to reach its ideal swimming depth (between 2 and 4 m) without stalling. Floating, it will allow to prospect all the layers of water with a pattern of type: slow and regular recovery, punctuated of stop-and-go.
  • The narrow, raised lip of the Crystal 3D has been designed for maximum responsiveness when handling it. Tweet it, jerk it: it will react to the slightest request! Combined with her flowing body, this thin bib will allow her to face the worst currents without ever stalling. With its spectacular casting distances, it will be perfect for shore fishing or for prospecting distant rock heads by boat.

    The extremely robust ABS body will allow its use in the most hostile environments such as rocky environments. Thanks to the internal 3D Prism Finish technology, even after impacts on the rocks, the color is never damaged unlike a classic hardbait with an external coating.

  • • The trapezoidal flap and its articulation to bring Crystal Minnow Jointed natural swimming S very attractive. • The terminal portion is maintained articulated by a double clip hyper-resistant and high mobility • Body ABS super tough. • High quality hooks and split rings Japanese • Balls bruiteuses in the head and tail. Crystal 3D Minnow feature a "Point Attack" allowing fish to target his attack on ventral hook. 13cm, 22gr weight, Floating Action

    Price €390.83

    Anxious to share his passion for sport fishing and meet the maximum fishermen, fisher Ripple also produced canes under the brand Yamaga. The Galahad series is available in a wide range of power suitable for light jigging as for larger weights. They are equipped with a tip action marked with a good reserve of power. The blank end and nervous as a foil allows you to easily work the jig and unveils its full power when in contact with the fish.


    Price €282.50

    Series for fishing seabass. Exceptional range both in action in combat that precision in the use of decoy. Moreover, its price is particularly correct in comparison to other existing models and many more.