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    copy of RIPTIDE Terrova 80...

    Price €2,724.17

    Minn Kota front-mounted electric motor with i-Pilot BT system, specially designed for the sea and anti-corrosion treated. The Riptide Terrova BT is equipped with a shaft of 182cm, a thrust of 80Lbs, with a Wedless Wedge 2 propeller and a Bluetooth connection.

    Power Supply 24VccHelice Weedless Wedge 2Warranty manufacturer: 2 yearsRespecially anti-corrosion coatingAnode of protection against electrolysisCool Quiet Power system dissipating heatStow-Deploy: easy and safe handling of the engineMotorizer system to increase the autonomy of the engineI-Pilot BT remote control for control remote the speed and direction of the boat


    Price €1,024.17
    No more hassle! Simply cut sardines and put them in the tray. A tray with small hooks will take them and make them fall into the water.
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    Price €829.17

    SALTIGA design and strength has continually evolved throughout its eighteen-year history. Now, in 2020, Saltiga is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Saltiga ever produced.

    available April 2020


    Price €708.29
    Reference reel from Shimano. Thermohydraulics braking system compensates for loss of braking due to overheating. Double speed recovery. A large braking gently. Today TIAGRA range covers all angling from 12 to 130 lbs. Note the ratchet noisemaker is very noisy, which is very nice. Featuring the all new bearings ARB, 1O times stronger than steel bearings, TIAGRA earn unquestionably longevity. The new ergonomic handle and the new system of brake lever ratchet bring you maximum comfort during your fishing.

    Price €674.17

    These rod series has been packed with capabilities to fight trought harsch conitions.

    You will surely be surprised with its lightness and controllability once you hold the rod. this rod will put the angle in an advantageous position at the hardest of times when land based fishing for the Blue runners.

    Final stand Up series : 

    For anglers who likes the challenge of fishing from rocks or piers, this is the perfect rod when going after monster such as GT, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna

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    Ripple Fisher has develloped 2 pces GT rods for expedition and now redesigned as Ocean VOyager 803 in 3pces to make it handlier. It have been loaded versatility to manipulate various lures such as diving pencil (100 grms) or popper with any sizes of cup face. We Believe that you will sense the better feeling than the 2 pces models and totally fotget that it is a 3 pces rod.

    3 pces rod.

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    Price €632.50

    Our sights are set on monstruous Blue-fin tuna. The Ocean ridge Big Tuna Japan Spécial is the rod for anglers to go head to head with the ultimate target.

    We pursued a rod with oustanding  breaking point.

    Our mission was to create  a rod able to absorb the trashing run from the blue-fin tuna wheile being able to hight stick the rod when the fight draws out overtime.

  • Flows:The Flows series has been renowned as Ripples representative seabass rods. With its renewed blank and guides loaded with the new Torzite rings, it has been reborn. The stiffness and strength is the same as the original, yet with the new Nano blank characteristics, it has improved the swing through by improving the sharpness and balance.

  • These blanks are around 6Ft, stiff like a stick and have a high elasticity for the jigging models. The blanks allow anglers to manually maneuver their jigs at their will. with its excellent ability to transmit the energy from the angler , these models can be utilized in shallow waters ( 50 mt) of the super deep 200 mt zones !

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    Price €561.67

    This series of rods actually expresses the experience Alutecnos for trolling. The series is made entirely in Italy and all components are Alutecnos. A complete, simple but very elegant and is highly technical.

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    Price €549.17

    the Aquila series has been refined and various models has been added to match more accurately the fishing species.

    In the recent years, the Kingfish ad tuna games have become more subdivided.

    In the new lineup, there are 9 models, they has been categorized into four different series, ST, MLT, MST and EX ( the Ex models have newly been introduced to the series, which are 3 pieces pack rods for anglers travelling around the world. you'll be able to get them in the travelling rods.


    Price €532.50

    Accessory structure and stainless steel. Seat lacquered marine wood 35mm thick. A seat mounted a rotating base with locking lever.