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    The Shugo Kab is a special bait sliding kabura that perfectly imitates a small octopus. It will be incredibly effective associated with bait (worms, strips or legs of cephalopods, shrimp or prawns bodies, etc.) It is even capable of catching fish without any bait! The assist hooks braid slides freely in the channel located in the head. A sliding ring placed on this braid holds the skirt of the kabura. This consists of strands of silicone which create a volume effect in the water and emit fine attractive vibrations. This sliding system has the advantage of not providing support points for the fish allowing it to drop out during combat.

  • SEA ROCK 150GR

    Price €8.25
    This "Metal Jig" was designed asymmetrically so as to shift the center of gravity towards the head of the lure. This feature, coupled with a concave shaped body gives it a wide range swimming, perfect for slow animations at all depths. Compact, Sea Rock has a stainless steel frame "Thru Wire" shows its strength when fighting larger fish. Most colors are available when a fishing phosphorescent belly attractive in great depth.
  • First jig from Smith, he is known around the world! Very powerful colors, unique shape gives it a swimming strength, super efficient on dentists, groupers, red snappers ...


    Price €12.50
    A simple insurance for your rods. You can even fight a fish with your rod provided. Essential during your fishing trips. Length 1 m 20.

    Price €6.67

    The aluminum is soft will not hurt your nylon crimping. These small sleeves are perfect for all fixtures which require a large discretion.

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    Tornado Strong swivels for strong peaches

    Mounted on ball bearings

    Pouch of 3 pieces

    N ° 3 = 36kg

    N ° 5 = 82 kg

    N ° 7 = 160 kg

    N ° 9 = 330 kg


    Price €28.75

    The Bezel is a sinking Jerkbait compact studied for fishing tuna and bonito. His hooks (size 2 Owner ST 66) and split rings (size 6) immediately offered him a consistent weapons for a lure of this size. Its strengthened frame also participates in this program which is dedicated ... a powerful lure for small fish. Its high density allows it to achieve casting distances consistent with powerful cane for which it is usually difficult to propel an illusion of only 10 cm.


    Price €8.75

    Assist hook Hook Special mounting jigs or spoons special bars, and places strong fisheries France. Open-hook mounting original duo. Once bitten, the fish can no longer win. A great product.