The spirit of the new Ultimo lies in the distinguished casting distance the blank produces. It is the flagship model of Ripplefishers boat casting game rods with carefully selected guide settings, coloring and components.

●The logo for the Ultimo is metallic silver and the model name is in matt color under the butt guide.
●For all models, we have utilized SiC-S titanium frame K+Sic-RV guides for optimal excretion of the line.
●Titanium ring attached under the reel-seat with model name engraved.
●By inserting a resinous ring in the grip end rubber cap, it will drastically reduce the grip end being stuck in the gimble belt (fighting belt) during the fight, allowing for a smooth fight to landing of the fish.


The Ultimo series will be reborn in 2023 as the most advanced boat casting rod series. The boat casting game scene is evolving and changing on a daily basis and in order to meet the needs of the anglers in the field, we have broadened the lineup of rods for more specialized situations. For the new series, we have focused our attention on the standard performances of these rods. The core values are simply to be light and have outstanding casting distance.
The new models to be released in 2023 for the Ultimo series include the 82ML, 83M and 710MH. We have given each model unique characteristics and absolute performance to reach the pinnacle of boat casting rods for Ripplefisher. Compared to the old models which were specifically to target GT, the new Ultimo series are designed for both GT and Kingfish. The rods are highly well balanced, light, able to cast well and equipped with outstanding butt power to overcome the powerful thrashing of the monstrous fish.
We hope you can first handedly experience the evolution of our new Ultimo series and be ahead of the game in the ever changing boat casting game scene.


Specific References

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Combinations Encombrement (m) Puissance (g) Puissance (PE) Longueur (m) Poids (g) Puissance de frein (kg) reference Price quantity Add to cart Add to cart

ULTIMO 2023 : Encombrement (m):1.81, Puissance (g):80-140, Puissance (PE):PE 7, Longueur (m):2.53, Poids (g):379, Puissance de frein (kg):13

Encombrement (m) : 1.81,

Puissance (g) : 80-140,

Puissance (PE) : PE 7,

Longueur (m) : 2.53,

Poids (g) : 379,

Puissance de frein (kg) : 13


Price : €812.50

1.81 80-140 PE 7 2.53 379 13 ULTIMO 83M €812.50

ULTIMO 2023 : Encombrement (m):1.78, Puissance (g):70-120, Puissance (PE):PE 6, Longueur (m):2.49, Poids (g):355, Puissance de frein (kg):12

Encombrement (m) : 1.78,

Puissance (g) : 70-120,

Puissance (PE) : PE 6,

Longueur (m) : 2.49,

Poids (g) : 355,

Puissance de frein (kg) : 12


Price : €812.50

1.78 70-120 PE 6 2.49 355 12 ULTIMO 82ML €812.50

ULTIMO 2023 : Encombrement (m):1.69, Puissance (g):80-160, Puissance (PE):PE 8, Longueur (m):2.40, Poids (g):376, Puissance de frein (kg):NC

Encombrement (m) : 1.69,

Puissance (g) : 80-160,

Puissance (PE) : PE 8,

Longueur (m) : 2.40,

Poids (g) : 376,

Puissance de frein (kg) : NC


Price : €812.50

1.69 80-160 PE 8 2.40 376 NC ULTIMO 710MH €812.50