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ZENAQ Tobizo - Monster Buster TC77 TUNA

In 1998, ZENAQ created the Monster Buster, a rod specially designed to catch the largest tuna. Since then, the passion for the brand and the progress in fishing equipment, including lines and hooks, have made it possible to track down specimens weighing more than 200kg. This ambition led to the creation of the Tobizo – Monster Buster project. The key element was to design a rod capable of pulling on a tuna weighing more than 200kg while being flexible enough to cast lures of 100g and so that it did not become too tiring for the fisherman.


LIGATURES Ligatures and under ligatures epoxy varnished handmade in Japan

Fuji DPS REEL SEAT with counter-clamping ring for perfect hold on large reels

Ergonomic hexagonal rubber HANDLE

Fuji RINGS, SIC ring

Length 231cm

Power 80-230gr

Dimensions 152cm

PE PE12 +

Weight 585gr


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