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Soft silicone sleeves for the protection of your knots, fittings, assembly accessories. This conical sheath covers your mounting accessories. It prevents drifting grass from clinging to it.

Placed on a rolling, this sleeve also keeps your line away from rigging accessories and avoids entanglements during casting.

The phosphorescent model is ideal for fishing at night or at great depths.


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MANCHONS  SILICONE ORANGE FLUO : Qté par sachet:6, Taille:L

Qté par sachet : 6,

Taille : L

Price : €2.42

6 L €2.42

MANCHONS  SILICONE ORANGE FLUO : Qté par sachet:8, Taille:S

Qté par sachet : 8,

Taille : S

Price : €2.42

8 S €2.42