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TOP SHOT rods are intended for broumé and livebait tuna fishing.

All the rods in the range are made of an uncut carbon blank, with a smaller diameter than other rods of the same type on the market, and each model has been adapted so that all TOP SHOT rods have the same curvature to work in the same way in fishing action. They are all mounted in FUJI rings according to the ACID process, that is to say in a helical way, so that the braid never touches the blank, even at the end of the fight when the rod is at its maximum curvature. This assembly of the line of rings associated with the TOP SHOT rods allows the use of braids ranging from 60 to 130 lbs.


the TOP SHOT PREDATOR models are characterized by a more reactive blank and allow you to carry out the fights more quickly.

This type of action is available on H,X, and XX power models.

Note that the last two rings have a sufficiently large diameter to allow you to prepare your rigs beforehand and to easily pass them through the rings on the day of the rods being put into action on the boat.


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