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    Price €265.83

    Your best ally for jumping into the big blue! The Cavalla Blue reel covers a wide range of sea fishing techniques, from vertical jigging to casting, trolling and natural bait fishing. To cope with the power of fish such as swordfish and yellowfin, the Cavalla Blue is constructed from a one-piece frame and a rigid aluminum flange. The CRC anti-corrosion coating improves the resistance of the reel to the elements.

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    Price €832.50

    SALTIGA design and strength has continually evolved throughout its eighteen-year history. Now, in 2020, Saltiga is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Saltiga ever produced.

    available April 2020

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    Price €415.83

    The brand new PENN® AuthorityTM is now the best in our range, a new high-end standard for the most demanding anglers and lovers of beautiful mechanics! Focusing on smoothness and resistance, the range comes in different sizes and ratios, allowing you to cover all situations. Using CNC GearTM technology, the precision cut stainless steel gears combined with the Dura-DragTM system, will give you the reliability and power to tame the biggest sea monsters. The frame and the coil are sealed to provide IPX8 sealing, which guarantees the highest level of sealing, even in the event of immersion. A top favorite product!

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    Price €565.83

    The Saltiga LD reel is designed for trolling or broumé fishing. It is fitted with CRBB bearings and a one-piece aluminum frame.

    Recovery 117cm

    18kg brake

    Weight 845gr

    Braid capacity 400m of 55/100

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    Moulinet Daiwa Certate Sw

    Price €582.50

    Daiwa offers us an exceptional spinning reel, it is the Certate SW, dedicated to all heavy fishing at sea. After the success of the Certate in its LT and LT Ark version, the Japanese brand delights us again with this all new model which will quickly become a reference for all sea anglers.

    The Certate SW is of course resistant to marine conditions, watertightness guaranteed thanks to Magsealed oil as well as the presence of a Magsealed ball bearing in the pick-up roller.

    Depending on the model, you will find an oval handle for fast recovery speeds and a round EVA handle for slower recoveries. Each has been designed to improve your comfort and performance for their respective type of fishing.

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    TANACOM 1200

    Price €665.83

    Electric reel suitable for deep-sea fishing whose use is facilitated by the installation on this new model of a backlit screen whose user menu is available in different languages (English, French, Spanish).

    Another important feature of this model; the motor and gearing are inside the spool to increase the power and resistance of the reel. Its capacity is greater than its illustrious predecessor the Tanacom 1000 and its motor rotation speed is 30% higher.

    Star brake

    Bearings: 11

    Aluminum frame

    aluminum spool

    Aluminum crank

    Round aluminum combat handle

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    SALTIGA 2022

    Price €715.83

    Made in Japan, this reel is suitable for vertical fishing (jigging, slow jigging, etc.) As often with the release of a new flagship model, it benefits from new technologies aimed at improving the fishing performance of this exceptional product. The key concept lies in the so-called "Hyperdrive" design which brings together four key points of reel reinforcement

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    The all-new Fathom™ II Lever Drag reels take a top-notch reel and raise the bar even higher. New models, sizes, features and optimized sword holder models complete the assortment to give a model for every application. The integration of the palm and frame side plate allows Fathom™ II Lever Drag reels to be more compact in the hand and increases strength. Pull-to-Turn preset knobs allow the angler to truly set it and forget it. At the heart of the Fathom's™ are a stainless steel main gear and pinion and a forged and machined aluminum spool for maximum durability.