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    Knot nightener for tightening line systems.

    It is a set of large size and small size.

    Small size can be stored by opening the lid at the top of the large size body.
    Both large and small are equipped with line stoppers sandwiched between O-rings.
    Can be used not only for tightening but also as a line breaker.
    * The body is made of carbon, and the bracket is made of aluminum.*Made in JAPAN

    Large size
    Length : 174mm
    Diameter : 25mm

    Small size
    Length : 147mm
    Diameter : 21mm

    * If the rubber tube on the surface of the carbon part of the main unit deteriorates, it can be repaired.

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    Price €54.17

    The true bragging scale for an honest angler! Double screens – one on each side of the scale – show weight simultaneously to both angler and camera. Durable two-handed construction to ease lifting heavy loads and ergonomic handle design for secure hold. Hanging loop to accurately weigh big fish. Metric and imperial units. Lenght 28cm

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    Storage container. Ideal for putting the lures used during a day of fishing.

    Height 164mm, Width 178mm, 270mm

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    The BM 7000 is an extremely solid fishing box perfectly designed for the storage of small equipment.

    Height 286mm, Width 281mm, Length 383mm