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    Made of honeycomb elasticated fabric, the AB1 case can hold an assembled stand up or trolling rod with butt and reel.

    This facilitates transportation, protects against accidental damage, solar rays and temperature changes. Another top quality Made in Italy product that enriches the AB-1 series.

    A complete casing with unmistakable AB1 design.

    Bag is made for one rod and reel.

    Italian performance / 100% made in Italy

    Lenght 237cm

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    Ultra Wire broken rings, designed for large fish. They are even stronger than Hyper Wire, from 34 kg to 190 kg. The metal is of round section and the shape is classic.

  • - This toothed forceps easily cut monofilament and fluorocarbon all diameters - Stainless steel construction - Handle with spring to facilitate decision with one hand - Lock the safety catch - Ergonomic handle very comfortable oversized Size 19cm
  • - Easily change the split rings and hooks - Handle with spring to facilitate decision with one hand - Ergonomic handle very comfortable oversized 16cm size
  • This spray is designed for outdoor protection of rods and reels. It protects against corrosion all metal parts including the roller of a reel, the crank, the bottom of the coil rings and a cane. Use: in a saline environment, we recommend to spray all 3 outputs and river, all five outputs, but also before each winter or long periods without use. 113g
  • The Shimano maintenance oil used to lubricate the Pinion. On reels P4 (without maintenance port), it Just a drop in the roller in the main shaft and handle all 5 outputs. On reels with a maintenance port, make this place a drop (no more) every 5 or 6 parts and fishing before winter.

    Price €57.50
    Malette Modular Jig King HPA for the transport of jigs and fixtures. The HPA Jig King is an ultra-rugged briefcase containing two pockets for storing jigs: a jig pouch L (for small jigs and means) and Jig Pouch XL (for medium and long jigs).