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    Thanks to their subtleties of blank, Yamaga rods are extremely light and comfortable in combat. The Blue Sniper series is focused on casting distance and is intended for blue fish. This greater capacity to propel lures allow you to track down wary fish in open water or kingfish edge with 100H models.

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    Price €790.83

    The Red Monster 250lb is a rod designed to counter the power of the biggest tuna. It has a huge reserve of power, thanks to its taper, while maintaining softness at the tip to be able to catapult a Feed Popper 150 a good distance.

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    Résultats de traductionThe SP 82 MH LONG CAST injection is an evolution of the SP 82 M, released in 2013 and which had delighted fishermen with small shads in light traction or linear as well as zander fishermen who operate from the edge, in particular on the gravel pits. We stay in this program but by inflating the capacities of this rod both in terms of line power and casting power. The SP 82 MH Long Cast can be used to propel lures weighing up to 45g at long distances. Its 2.50 m also provide a very interesting lever arm to animate a shad in traction from a boat or to take off an assembly placed on the bottom when operating from the edge.

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    Price €349.17

    Less strong than the legendary GT86, this rod allows fishing with lighter lures and with lower line categories for destinations such as Central America or West Africa

    Length 256cm, Weight 413gr, Casting power 50-150gr, PE 6-8

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    Price €332.50

    The strongest and most powerful rod in our offer which replaces the old version which was a little shorter. Intended for muscular popping for fishing in very crowded environments where the reserve of power is one of the key elements to extract a catch from rocky areas. The rod to take to extreme destinations in the Indian Ocean.

    Length 234cm, Weight 442gr Casting power 100-300gr, Pe 8-10

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    Price €699.17

    The Red Monster Special is designed for heavy fishing for bluefin tuna, trevally or red carp. Composition of blank fibers: 95% carbon / 5% glass

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    RED FIGHT 120 LB

    Price €665.83

    The Red Fight is an ideal rod for casting your lures at great distance and bridling large tunas or large GTs. Lightweight and easy to use, it has established itself as a benchmark for large fish anglers with stand-up lures. Composition of blank fibers: 87% carbon / 13% glass

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    RED FIGHT 150 LB

    Price €674.17

    Designed on Belle Ile en mer at our headquarters, this rod will allow you to target huge tuna over 100kg, extract large GT trevally from coral potatoes, and propel lures around 200gr. The Red Fight 150lb is without a doubt the most powerful rod in our line. Composition of blank fibers: 90% carbon / 10% glass

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    Price €632.50

    The Tenryu Demoniac Tuna rod was developed to target tuna from 30 to 60 kg while being able to propel light lures. Composition of blank fibers: 90% carbon / 10% glass

  • K.O.Z EX S76BTH

    Price €729.17

    Long awaited expedition rod for Blue fin tuna hunters!
    All models spinning model
    Irregular two-piece specification of grip on the part desorption
    Blank material: 8 + 24 + 30t + 4way X-across graphite (Smith original multi-axis graphite)
    Guide: All models Fuji Sic Ocean guide adopted. Triple wrapping 


    Price €665.83

    Designed for big bluefin tunas ( target fish :250 lbs), this rod is not a toy !

    Even using 30t and 40T carbon fibers, this rod is extrelemy comfortable.

    With these specifications, the Amuro will be also a good rod for Gt fishing !


    Price €865.83

    ZENAQ has put all its experience, ie 60 years of rod manufacturing, at the service of this new series of rods called TOBIZO. The brand new TORAY T1100G carbon was used to give these rods the maximum potential. The greatest asset of this TOBIZO rod series is its long distance throws.