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    The AVANI CASTING SHORE MASTER is an 8-ply woven line with a fluorine resin-based SP-F coating for greater casting distances. White in color, this braid is easy to locate, which makes it possible, among other things, to identify a bite when the wire is not under tension. The AVANI CASTING SHORE MASTER has a very strong resistance to abrasion giving a definite advantage to the fisherman during fights with fish looking for obstacles.

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    VARIVAS Casting SMP...

    Price €207.50

    SmoothTech has been improved and modified to be applied to PE lines. Combined with our resin coating, color loss has been reduced, and the line is protected from air knots and tangles caused by the rod guide.

    *The line will have a strong tension due to the properties of the resin coating. While the line itself will become a little more flexible after some use, the effects of the coating will be still intact.
    [Our coating is now much more durable]
    Long-lasting protection from seawater damage and stickiness. Also reduces color loss and prevents the line from fluffing.
    [Improved the “feel” of casting]
    The release will be much smoother and the casting distance will increase as friction between the rod and line is reduced.

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    Price €36.67

    Specially developed for Big Game Fishing, Tiagra Hyper IGFA is a 5-star line, suitable for competition and/or tracking record fish.

    This yarn also has great qualities:

    Low memory for fewer nodes

    Translucent blue color almost invisible underwater


    Great resistance to knots

    Incredible abrasion resistance

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    Price €24.17

    Specially developed for trolling, features low memory for fewer knots.

    Its specific transparent pink color almost invisible under water.

    Very high resistance to knots

    Made in Japan

    Reasonable elasticity to absorb shock during touch and fight

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    The Scrum 16 Assist Line is a braid designed specifically for making assist hooks. Its 16-strand structure gives it the ideal lightness and flexibility to optimize the mobility of the hook and its suction when attacking the lure.

    Spool of 5 meters

  • The Seaguar Manyu Fluorocarbon is softer than the FXR. This explains why it is used in bigger diameter for drifting and chumming.

    Besides, you can use it several times as it does not being white after a few uses ! A must have flurocarbon !


    Price €187.50

    - Varivas’ highest-grade 8-strand braided PE line.
    - “SMP” Super Max Power, 2 times the extra durability, and strength.
    - Measurably stronger than all standard MAX POWER 8-strand braided lines.
    - Stealth-grey color material, with additional 1 meter navy and pink markings at 25 meter intervals.

  • The Momoi Hi Catch Mono is produced under the strictest quality controls. It comes stock with a very low memory, soft and supple while maintaining a high elasticity with respect to its diameter. This means more capacity in combat.


    Price €232.50

    Special braid upscale jigging with color change every 10 meters. Fine and perfectly round and allows optimum descent jig with minimal drift.

  • The J-Braid Grand x8 braid pushes the strengths of the J-Braid x8 even further. Made in Japan, this braid uses fibers called Izanas conferring the highest grade of resistance: it is 4 times more resistant to abrasion! On this version, the braid winding process further tightens its strands. Thus, the J-Braid Grand x8 has a perfectly round shape optimizing its aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Thus, casting distances are improved and the better hold of the braid in fishing action ensures increased sensitivity and responsiveness.