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    Price €690.83

    The most versatile model in the Truth Japan range specifically designed for Kingfish and Tuna anglers which casts lures over long distances and easy to obtain lure flight distance. Bonus  is that it can be doubled for a Shore Casting rod.


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    Price €582.50

    The MC WORKS "SLOW HAND" spinning range is a NEW CONCEPT rod that embodies the low response action in the casting rod.

    100% Handmade in Japan. Extremely rare !

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    Price €29.08

    A new larger twitch/glide style bait for the Yo-Zuri line-up, the Hydro Twitchbait.  At 6 inches and 2-7/8 ounces and with its deep body, this lure has the profile needed to attract big gamefish species. A slow sinking, lipless bait with a seductive side to side roll/wobble combination on a straight retrieve and a quick darting action on a twitch and pause retrieve. 

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    Stickbait with through frame, with mass transfer system to increase casting distances. This system also acts as a noise device when it strikes certain internal elements. The finishes are neat and the colors very successful.

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    These lures are equipped with a full through-frame reinforced almost indestructible. Provided the magnetic system mass transfer tungsten ball, the distances they achieve are truly impressive. It reacts immediately to the slightest touch of the fisherman, which is not always the case with a big lure. Flowing, they are able to endure and keep strong currents which often take the big fish. BKS are real 4x4 of the sea, formidably armed and strengthened to address fish over 50 pounds. The BKS is also fast becoming the benchmark for the strong jerkbait fishing. The best lure able to compete with a popper, fetish lure fishing for tuna launch large red snappers, jacks huge Madagascar, etc..

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    Price €76.67

    Slim profile body with a small cup which leaves a bubble trail when worked. The slim profile matches the baitfish profile which is well balanced and casts well. Perfect to use on tuna and kingfish.

    21 cm / 90 gr

    Floating / handmade in Japan


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    Price €49.17

    The Megadog is a surface lure clearly intended for big fish. It is equipped with an integral frame, with a diameter of 1.2 mm in stainless steel, and has a double lateral mass transfer system which allows it to perform large lurches from side to side and thus adopt a particularly pronounced "long slide" stroke. The three hooks of the Megadog are mounted on rolling swivels to minimize the possibility of losing the fish during the fight.

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    Price €204.17

    VARIVAS has developed a new woven line in 8 strands specially designed for fishing with jigs and in particular light jigs and slow jigs thanks to small PE 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5. Fishing with a finer braid with lighter or planier jigs often pays off. It is a more pleasant and often more productive fishing! This POWER BRAID X8 braid changes color every 10 meters to make it easier to locate fish. Glides quickly to the bottom thanks to a special yarn treatment. Better verticality and strong noise reduction in the rings.

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    Price €315.83

    The Hot's Harness is made of an ultra-light and highly resistant aluminum alloy. Its size has been reduced as much as possible without altering its functions. The cushion on the back of the plate is 20mm EVA foam, ensuring maximum comfort. The rod reception system consists of a cup with a dome-shaped bottom about 30% deeper allowing both to improve stability and to allow the rod to be tilted during fights. The system is also equipped with a quick release pin that can be easily removed. Unlike other harnesses, it attaches and detaches in a single gesture.

    High strength and lightweight aluminum. The pad on the back of the plate is 20mm thick EVA

    Weight 545gr