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    Price €699.17

    The Red Monster Special is designed for heavy fishing for bluefin tuna, trevally or red carp. Composition of blank fibers: 95% carbon / 5% glass

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    RED FIGHT 120 LB

    Price €665.83

    The Red Fight is an ideal rod for casting your lures at great distance and bridling large tunas or large GTs. Lightweight and easy to use, it has established itself as a benchmark for large fish anglers with stand-up lures. Composition of blank fibers: 87% carbon / 13% glass

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    RED FIGHT 150 LB

    Price €674.17

    Designed on Belle Ile en mer at our headquarters, this rod will allow you to target huge tuna over 100kg, extract large GT trevally from coral potatoes, and propel lures around 200gr. The Red Fight 150lb is without a doubt the most powerful rod in our line. Composition of blank fibers: 90% carbon / 10% glass

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    Price €632.50

    The Tenryu Demoniac Tuna rod was developed to target tuna from 30 to 60 kg while being able to propel light lures. Composition of blank fibers: 90% carbon / 10% glass

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    The BKS 150 is aimed just as much at fishermen who target large pike or big bass as at those who intend it for exotic fishing and in particular for tarpons, an area in which it is undoubtedly a benchmark. Extremely strong and effective in all waters of the world, this lure is one of the rare references capable of addressing almost all predator species as well as the most demanding fishing in terms of the quality and strength of the equipment.

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    Smith LOURDISH 95HS

    Price €20.75

    The Lourdish 95HS is dedicated to spinning, really efficient on high retrieve.

    9.5 cm / 40 Grms

    90% wobbling / 10% rolling.

    Full wire.

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    The Seaguar Manyu Fluorocarbon is softer than the FXR. This explains why it is used in bigger diameter for drifting and chumming.

    Besides, you can use it several times as it does not being white after a few uses ! A must have flurocarbon !

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    SEiGLER Offshore Small (OS)

    Price €465.83

    The OS was developed as the next stage up from our Large Game as our introduction into true Bluewater specific fishing. The OS was designed alongside premier east coast fishing capt's & mates. If your ambition has led you offshore in pursuit of a Marlin or a variety of Pelagics, this high-speed Billfishing machine is the choice for you.

    132 cm per handle retrieving !

    We know that under certain circumstances, reels may stop performing to our standard. If that does happen, we will not only repair it under our lifetime warranty, but we’ll make it better to make sure that the issue never occurs again.

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    copy of AVANI CASTING PE...

    Price €187.50

    - Varivas’ highest-grade 8-strand braided PE line.
    - “SMP” Super Max Power, 2 times the extra durability, and strength.
    - Measurably stronger than all standard MAX POWER 8-strand braided lines.
    - Stealth-grey color material, with additional 1 meter navy and pink markings at 25 meter intervals.

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    Price €232.50


    The new Saragosa SW is a mid-priced, durable, powerful and lightweight saltwater reel designed specifically for casting and jigging at sea.

    Durability is greatly improved thanks to the HAGANE gear and the addition of X Protect (IPX-8 rating).

    In addition to durability, the Saragosa SW gives you great starting power thanks to the new Infinity Drive function.