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    Price €11.58

    The Bouncing Bucktail is a bucktail jig developed for heavy vertical fishing. Very interesting at great depth or in areas of strong current, this lure also has the advantage of a very solid weaponry which will be resistant to powerful predators.

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    Price €9.08

    The Swimming Bucktail is a bucktail jig designed for throw and bring back fishing. very complete, this lure can be used as well as part of a linear animation with the reel as in that of a more dynamic fishing on the fly.

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    Price €832.50

    Advanced wire-less motor for high-speed, high-torque operation

    Multi-disc brake with four transverse carbon washers generating a maximum braking pressure of 25 kg

    14 kg recovery power

    Maximum recovery speed is 140m / min

    Exciting drag sound - when the brake is activated, an electronic sound comes out of the reel, the bigger the fish, the louder the sound

    Constant voltage and constant speed recovery modes

    LCD liquid crystal display provides all the required information

    Size 9000

    3 bearings

    Weight: 1515 g

    Ratio: 3.1

    Brake: 25 Kg

    Recovery: 88 cm

    Capacity: PE8 braid / 900 m

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    The Momoi Hi Catch Mono is produced under the strictest quality controls. It comes stock with a very low memory, soft and supple while maintaining a high elasticity with respect to its diameter. This means more capacity in combat.

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    For slow jigging, big sliding action. We recommend you to use it a slow retrieving and a “slow jigging” rod. High quality finish, highly recommended!

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    Prime Tuna Acid

    Price €707.50

    Carbon reel seat

    Fuji rings

    unidirectional carbon blank

    rotating ring

    each blank calibrated on goniometric wall

    Ultra V triple finish

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    Price €11.63

    Exclusively, we offer the new swimmer fish in Williamson: The Speed ​​Pro! The attachment point 'auto tune' allows the lure to align perfectly alone and optimize its swimming action at high speed (up to 15 knots). A high speed, this lure does not pull on the line and allows to fish 30lb end in a soft brake. Built to withstand his body and Abs reinforced with a steel frame piece laser cut exotic fish. Vmc treble hooks and broken rings.

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    Price €73.33


    Ideal for our straight built-in cane holder ref 428051.

    - for installation on right built-in rod holder

    - tube Ø 40 mm

    - inclination 135 °