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  • rod holder Cannon...

    Price €114.17

    Made of hardened aluminum. Manipulative and swiveling with just one hand thanks to the handle system that only needs to be pressed to tilt the support back and forth


    Price €332.50

    This manual winch is specially designed for slow trolling depth. Thanks to its handle allows you to easily back up your lead without fatigue. The side door keeps your cane cane perfectly in axis.


    Price €2,332.50

    The Optimum Series electric winches are connected and intelligent. This new series always offers more information and more control.

    Using the color LCD screen on the winch, your Humminbird handset, or the Cannon app on your mobile phone, you'll not only have access to trolling data anywhere on your boat.

    • 3.5 '' color LCD display

    • Reading of the actual temperature, depth & speed of the probe

    • Compatible with the Humminbird HELIX G3 & SOLIX G2 models

    • Cannon mobile application via smartphone

    • Robust arm extendable from 61cm to 135cm

    • 70 meters of stainless cable, resistance 70 kg

    • Quick assembly base rotates 360 °

    • Corrosion resistant

    • Delivered with triggering clamp and a simple 2-axis swiveling rod holder

    • IP68 waterproof connection cable.

  • Simple mechanical construction steel, easy to use with one hand. Just crunching to rewind the line and do the reverse to get off the line with a descent control.

    Price €399.17
    Stainless steel structure. Lightweight with a small footprint it is also very powerful with moderate power consumption. It saves you manually back up your lead and especially when you are fighting a fish.

    Price €282.50

    • Complete with fixing balcony • pvc coil diameter 30 cm guidewire winding • Capacity approximately 2000 m 150/100 th, • Progressive Brake Materials Steel Weight 2.82 kg

  •  Comes complete with flat panel • Roll ø 16 cm • Capacity: 800 meters, 100/100 th • Progressive Brake Materials Steel Weight 1.775 kg


    Price €1,749.17
    New electronics, new software, internal voltage protection ... LCD control integrated on the winch. ASR ballast. 5 predefined by the user and stored in memory depths. Follow the contour of the bottom. 5 Ascent and descent of ballast. Cable reel stainless steel drum. Rapid rise of the cable (75 m / minute). PIC system (Positive Ion Control) maintaining a field of positive ions around the cable. Engine 12 VDC low consommation.120 m steel cable (resistor 70 kg). Clip automatically triggered. 2 doors rods adjustable in 2 axes. IP68 waterproof cable connection. Automatic shutdown system at the end of the cable lift. Telescopic arm for an extension in length from 61 to 135 cm. Base Fixing quick release on turntable 360 ​​°