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    The back claws greatly increase your results. Indeed, squid or cuttlefish systematically send their tentacles in the middle of the body of their prey, making it very difficult hanging from the rear claws. The multigrip is the solution. Train or run. Model runs sealed off.

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    Boostez l’attractivité de vos leurres !

    • Parfaite adhérence : La densité particulière de l’odoriférant va assurer une parfaite adhérence sur tous les leurres (leurres souples, poissons nageurs, turluttes tissu et plastique).

    • Diffusion rapide : La diffusion de l’attractant va laisser dans l’eau une traînée persistante qui guidera le poisson vers le leurre.

    • Appâts naturels : Le Flash Attack est fabriqué avec de vrais appâts et continue de diffuser ses effluves même après plusieurs lancers.

    • Polyvalent : Il est décliné en 5 parfums différents pouvant être utilisé aussi bien en eau douce qu’en mer.

    • Spray 50ml

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    Frightening for the squid, cuttlefish, etc ... To launch or hanging. Double stainless grabs. Surely the best trolling lure for squid in the Mediterranean.

  • The PRINCESS CALAMARI is a magnificent mix of lures and jigs, specially created for tracking squid, both slow trolling (max 3 knots) and spinning. All the quality of PRINCESS CALAMARI lies in the fact that this made in JAPAN lure has been specially designed for squid fishing, and it is not just a modification of a classic lure. Indeed, Rolling and Wobling meet the expectations of all demanding egingers looking for squid.


    Price €12.08

    This latest version of the mythical Aurie-Q was specifically designed to achieve exceptional casting distances. Created by Yo Zuri, this state-of-the-art Egi alone brings together a large number of unprecedented technological innovations.

    -Large throw distance

    -Quality of swimming unchanged

    - Super fast 3D jerks

    -Stable descent

    - Anti-grip lead

    - Identification feathers

    -Range of ultra attractive colors

    Size 3.5, Length 12cm

    Weight 22gr

    descent speed 3.2 sec / meter

  • AURIE Q NEW 2021

    Price €12.42

    The Aurie Q New is the latest generation of the famous Aurie-Q.

    Even more efficient, this new generation of Aurie-Q has technical characteristics that make the Egi squid the most efficient on the market.

  • The Aurie Q Search Double Glow is a jig with a body emitting a double phosphorescence in two different wavelengths.

    Green color is emitted at a length of 520nm while blue light is emitted at 488nm.

    This covers a larger part of the light spectrum visible by cephalopods.

    This jig is equipped with rattles.

    The high pitched sound of the Aurie Q Search Double Glow rattles matches the crystal-clear sound produced by shrimp in water.

    Size 12cm - 3.50

    Weight 19.5gr

    Descent speed 3 sec per meter