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    Price €7.46
    Jigs in the shape of a swimming fish with bib Designed especially for squid and cuttlefish trolling Weight: 15gr Length: 9cm Ideal for spinning, but perfectly suited to trolling too Spectacular colors, very attractive for squids for efficient fishing Depth: 3m30
  • Special jigs flexible TATAKI, 6cm double crown. Freezing contituant body is floating, which allows very rapid action on the water and a very slow descent during pauses after the animation. They also agree to be mounted upstream of trolling lure for squid. Size 6cm, Weight 4gr, flottante

    Price €5.83
    Jig hooks with anti Lead Size 3.5 - 12 cm Weight 22gr lowering speed 3 meters per second

    Price €19.50
    This version of the famous jig Cayien is for Technical Fisheries cephalopods. The postponement of ballast inside even the lure gives it a much greater freedom of lateral movement than what we have used other jigs. Weight 20gr, Size 3.5
  • • Reinforced ring • Luminous eyes • Silicone body • Scale imitation fabric • Double stainless steel basket • Transparent luminous body • Natural color • Size 55mm
  • One of the most common inhabitants of the Adriatic. Due to its distinctive lines it is easy to identify and it is often the prey of squid. Colors are often merged with the environment in which they live. This product has all these characteristics and is available in 5 colors. - Soft body - Natural colors - Luminous body - Robust hooks Type: wrapped fabric Hooks: 2H Body: Bright Weight: 3.5 gr Length: 55 mm