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    Price €62.46

    All the know-how of Shimano in a compact and light reel.

    A great product at a very low price for cast fishing enthusiasts.

    • HAGANE gears to face the most difficult conditions

    • X-Ship system for increased performance and fluidity of rotation in all circumstances

    • 4 stainless steel bearings and 1 needle bearing for more smoothness

    • G-Free frame to improve balance and reduce fatigue

    • Varispeed II system and A-RC spool for increased casting performance

    • Single handle on sizes 1000 to 2500 and "T" shaped from 3000 to 5000

    • 4 Protected Stainless Steel Bearings + 1 Needle

    • Machined Aluminum Handle

    • Stamped pick-up

    • Cold forged aluminum spool

  • STELLA SW-C 2020

    Price €607.50

    We no longer present the STELLA SW: it is the highest-end, resistant, powerful and robust Shimano spinning reel. It is unanimously recognized around the world for its finish and durability. The current model has been on the market since 2013 and it is now time to write a new chapter in the history of STELLA SW: the new STELLA SW (generation C) will be available from 2019. The reel has progressed on many points: it is stronger, more powerful, more robust and more durable than the current STELLA SW! The new STELLA SW is built to be very resistant and powerful, intended for the tracking of the largest marine fish species in spinning. This range offers numerous sizes and ratios thus covering a multitude of techniques and uses.


    Price €829.17

    SALTIGA design and strength has continually evolved throughout its eighteen-year history. Now, in 2020, Saltiga is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Saltiga ever produced.

    available April 2020


    Price €540.83

    The all new for 2018 Shimano Stella FJ with Smoothest most efficient drive train in a spinning reel is now even smoother and more efficient with improved durability. Plus, new Silent Drive, long stroke spool, tangle proof rotor design, and a host of other new high end features means Stella truly represents a benchmark in Shimano spinning reels.


    Price €145.00

    This new version of the CI4 + Stradic reel, known and recognized by all, pushes the limits of the design by proposing a model ultra fluid and very light. The new Stradic CI4 + is part of the Lightweight range and enjoys a really great price for a reel of this quality. It is equipped with the Magnumlite rotor which gives it a better performance that will not fail to seduce the fishermen looking for a very sensitive model and very pleasant to use. In this very classy reel are added a lightweight G Free CI4 + frame for better balance, a powerful X-Ship gear and Coreprotect technology to ensure a good seal.


    Price €165.75
    NEW 2016 "What better way than fishing for bluefin tuna lures for testing power and durability of a reel? The Clash 6000 and 8000 Penn fought dozens of bluefin tuna between 20 and 70 kg without missing. The brake discs contains the evocative HT 100 ultra smooth and gradual allowed to face the onslaught and huge rushes well known bluefin tuna. with its round handle EVA and excellent grip, you can go fishing both popping than jigging . " Cyril Gressot Characteristics : • Metal Frame • Techno-Balanced Rotor • CNC GEAR Technology • tight Brake Carbon HT-100 • 8 sealed bearings • Infinite anti-reverse • resistant aluminum basket Anse • Special braid reel • Leveline oscillation system

    Price €99.17

    If the new Spheros SW represents the entry level reels Sea "Spinning", he nevertheless much in common with the last generation models: X-Ship system that ensures maximum recovery of power, built hybrid X-Shield, rotor XGT-7 X Protect, "Super Stopper II". Available in three sizes, the 6000 model is very versatile and ideal for start and "Jigging". As for the larger sizes 10000 and 20000, line capacity and performance of the brake are ideal for fishing for tuna and GT.

    All sizes have an AR-C spool cold forged aluminum for a run more efficient and powerful. To start fishing at sea or to complement a range of higher-end reels, the Spheros SW has it all.


    Price €131.67

    ORIGIN Shimano reel. Gives an additional coil. 18000 and 20000 models are manufactured on the same frames, so you can have a ratio suitable for launch and a capacity of 20 000 by fitting a coil 20000 18000 on your HG.


    Price €107.50

    5 sealed stainless steel sealed ball bearings + 1 roller bearing

    Full metal body technology: metal frame and rotor for rigidity, strength and corrosion resistance. Bati and coil benefiting from the sealing system "IPX5". Reel fully treated against corrosion. Gold anodized wrapping coil designed to use both nylon and braid. Winding system of the line in crossed turns. Techno-Balance rotor for smooth, comfortable and balanced recovery. Permanent anti-return without any backlash for instant and effective shoeing. "HT-100" protected brake system with greased carbon discs for progressive, smooth and powerful braking. "Braid Ready" system designed to withstand the high pressures imposed by the braid. Heavy-duty aluminum pickup bar. "


    Price €315.83

    The new reel Twin Power SW-B is equipped with built "Hagane" and gear "X-Ship" to face the most extreme conditions in the sea. It has the power to target larger fish, even the most combative. Through Technologies "X-Shield" and "X-Protect" Twin Power SW-B is perfectly sealed. Its brake is very powerful and very reliable thanks to its carbon washers "X-Tough". First for sea fishing, this model also works well for finding specimens in freshwater, such as catfish.

  • DAIWA BG 2017

    Price €124.58

    Équipement d'une roue de commande Digigear II et d'un bâti en aluminium, le BG est un moulinet robuste taillé pour le combat. Développé aux États-Unis par Daiwa Corporation USA, il est doté d'un frein ATD de dernière génération à roues carbone pour maitriser les combats avec sérénité.Son rotor designé en arche (technologie Air Rotor) est plus aérodynamique pour une fluidité de rotation accrue . La bobine est soutenue par un roulement à billes favorisant l'engagement de la rotation lors du combat.