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    Stainless steel rings for live fish such as mackerel, mullet, oblade, bug etc... The ring is screwed directly onto the hook, permanently blocked with a drop of cyanoacrylate glue and protected by a retractable sheath included in the bag.

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    Price €174.17

    This little tool is very smart and very well manufactured ! it will help you to open the eye of the hook to add a rolling or a ballbearing swivel for using livebait or chumming.

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    Price €5.83

    Chafing tubing.

    Coated polyester braid protector.

    A must have for all your riggings ! With using it on a hook/swivel or a snap, it will protect the nylon from friction, reducing importantly the breaking at a friction point.

  • 8386 TUNA CIRCLE

    Price €4.75
    • Offering the strongest wire and the widest gap of any tournament approved circle hook, the VMC® Tournament Circle Hooks are designed to optimize hook rates when live bait trolling for billfish.

    Price €9.17

    Usually used for longline fishing. The very entrant technology ensures a great fit. Used for Tarpon or Cerniers for deep fishing. 20/0 is ideally suited to tracking sharks and billfish baits as lures. Economical and very effective.

  • Slightly reversed their shape and exceptionally thick iron make the strongest Circle, impossible to open, even on a 300 Kg Tuna Sharpening original is perfect. This is the "top" of Circle Hooks. Good for the "stronk fishing."

  • Designed with a large opening and slightly reversed, they escher allow large baits. Iron "means" of the hook allows use of fine lines. Developed specifically for fishing Sailfish, they are formidable in Surf and Wedged.

    Price €5.42
    Specially designed for fishing live bait, light weight enables vivid evolve very naturally. They are covered with a Teflon film which ensures perfect penetration. They are often used for fly fishing. They are formidable lightweight Surf (bream, bream ...) as well as handlines.
  • Heavy luxurious version of the Circle. The finish is impeccable, very sharp, it does not need sharpening. One of our favorite models for Tarpon. Very durable.