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    Price €866.67

    IKARI blank which equips the new FOKEETO IKARI. Unlike the other blanks which are hollow, the IKARI blanks are full and incorporate a super elastic carbon material. These rods are extremely fine but have a phenomenal resistance to breakage as well as an extraordinary strength of resilience. Thanks to their action which is both elastic and flexible, the FOKEETO IKARI manage to control short, long and slow jigs whereas previously a specific rod was required for each type of jig to obtain the desired action. Its extraordinary reserve of power will give you a definite advantage in a difficult fight against a fish and you can fully count on your FOKEETO IKARI. 

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    Price €869.17

    ZENAQ has put all its experience, ie 60 years of rod manufacturing, at the service of this new series of rods called TOBIZO. The brand new TORAY T1100G carbon was used to give these rods the maximum potential. The greatest asset of this TOBIZO rod series is its long distance throws.

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    Price €540.83

    To stop GT that is swimming to the bottom of the sea while weighting on the rod, BLUE REEF series have been loaded more strength than BlueSniper series. Fulcrum point of bending curve have been set little farther than BlueSniper series so we recommend you to fight while shifting your own weight. Of course it will be worked well for king fish game that you are required to choose rod more than 6 power.

    BlueReef710/10 have been designed for popper mainly. So it is little stiffer than 711/8 and 711/10 so you will sense repulsive force directly on your hand. You will be required body weight and physical strength to make it bend. So if you are not sure about it but still want to use popper, we recommend you to choose 711/10.

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    this unfied Ocean Ridge series comprises of Gt rods packed with Ripple Fisher's pride and joy.

    The lineup which have been designed with the Ultimate manual settings are dedicated for the experienced anglers around the world .

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    Ripple Fisher has develloped 2 pces GT rods for expedition and now redesigned as Ocean VOyager 803 in 3pces to make it handlier. It have been loaded versatility to manipulate various lures such as diving pencil (100 grms) or popper with any sizes of cup face. We Believe that you will sense the better feeling than the 2 pces models and totally fotget that it is a 3 pces rod.

    3 pces rod.

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    Price €674.17

    the Aquila series has been refined and various models has been added to match more accurately the fishing species.

    In the recent years, the Kingfish ad tuna games have become more subdivided.

    3 parts rods.

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    Price €632.50

    Our sights are set on monstruous Blue-fin tuna. The Ocean ridge Big Tuna Japan Spécial is the rod for anglers to go head to head with the ultimate target.

    We pursued a rod with oustanding  breaking point.

    Our mission was to create  a rod able to absorb the trashing run from the blue-fin tuna wheile being able to hight stick the rod when the fight draws out overtime.

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    Price €549.17

    the Aquila series has been refined and various models has been added to match more accurately the fishing species.

    In the recent years, the Kingfish ad tuna games have become more subdivided.

    In the new lineup, there are 9 models, they has been categorized into four different series, ST, MLT, MST and EX ( the Ex models have newly been introduced to the series, which are 3 pieces pack rods for anglers travelling around the world. you'll be able to get them in the travelling rods.

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    Ab1 Slow pitch Viper Light

    Price €757.50

    This outstanding new collection "slow pitch" is designed when a slow motion animation on lures is needed or when you are using a livebait such as squid on dritfting for amberjack, dentex, coral trout or sailfish with bonito belly and strike detection is a major part of the hooking.


    the particularity remain in the patented AB1 blank single taper, combinating Dynanotex, Carbon/Dynanotex and Carbon and allowing an amazing sensibility and an impressive power starting in the middle of the blank to strike and  lift the fish !

    you'll be able to use a tenya / madaï  or a squid and target amberjack, grouper, with sensibility and an amazing power.

    Besides, this amazing blank can be used in a spinning or casting mode, allowing to also target dorado fish with small stickbait !!

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    Price €240.83

    The Saltist Travel range includes 3 rods in 4 elements and 1 rod in 3 elements for globe trotters looking for more practical rods to carry without losing the quality of action and robustness. This range offers a range of additional lengths and grammages to cope with the majority of situations on holiday or fishing trip.

    Carbon Blank HVF (High Volume Fiber)

    Classic heel and inverted on the second element

    Fuji Alconite rings

    Fuji tubular reel seat + safety screw

    EVA handle super hard

    Peak action with a large power reserve

    Delivered in a semi-rigid carrying case at the waist of each rod, with handle and carry strap

    Supplied with Velcro fasteners

    Length 229cm, 4 strands, size 66cm, weight 400gr, Power 80-180gr