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    Price €14.13

    13cm Sliver RAPALA articulated swimming fish.

    Dive into recovery. Fleet released.

    With a lively, fast and jerky swimming action, the Sliver has proven itself with tuna, pike and bass for years. Its articulated rear part perfectly simulates the flight of a sandeel. When caught, the body offers much less support to the fish, which prevents many dropouts.

    - Ideal for tuna

    - Specific design

    - Triple hooks N ° 2 VMC® Perma Steel

    - Armed with sea hooks

    - Size: 13cm.

    - Weight: 17g.

    - Swimming depth: 2.7 to 3.30m.

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    Price €16.63

    With its aerodynamic shape and its reinforced construction, the Rapala X-Rap® Magnum® Cast is cut to launch far, whatever the sea conditions. Designed to resist the largest fish, you will fish with confidence. Perfectly balanced, it keeps an efficient swim and does not stall, even with the fastest recoveries. His dead leaf swimming on the descent adds realistic flashes.

    Characteristics :

    • Resistance worthy of a Magnum

    • Throwing distance Xtreme

    • X-Rap finish

    • 3D holographic eyes

    • VMC Heavy Duty TI Hooks

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    Price €20.17

    The X-Rap® Magnum® Xtreme animates perfectly at more than 15 knots, which allows you to cover a large perimeter and track down the fastest fish from the depths. Its flat and smooth silhouette on the sides creates a "Rolling" action and its tail allows the lure to remain stable whatever the speed. Animate the X-Rap® Magnum® Xtreme quickly, or more slowly along rocks or other obstacles.

    Designed for high speed trolling. "Shallow" diving flap. Extreme durability. Textured translucent body. Internal holographic sheets. X-Rap® finishes. Stabilizing tail. 3D holographic eyes.

    Perma Steel VMC® hooks reinforced 3X. Reinforced broken rings 3x. Floating.

    UV BRIGHT: UV colors are luminescent, the lure lights up under UV.

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    Price €16.58

    Its one-piece frame design and injected plastic gives it exceptional strength. It is a virtually indestructible lure. Its streamlined profile allows it to swim at high speeds up to 12 knots. Its setting is done by simple twist of the ring. The absence of flap makes it impossible to disrupt even after many catches. The steel ball free inside his body make it extremely attractive as a "Maracas." The GT 18 is one of our favorite lures Rodrigues and the Seychelles where the results on the big wahoo and kingfish were simply excellent. They are also terrible on bluefin.

    Lenght 18cm, weight 140gr

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    Price €47.08

    Shibuki are lures designed for very strong fishing and for marine predators such as lich, tuna or all other large pelagics. The SKP version is floating, halfway between a slider and a popper.

    Size 187mm, Weight 76gr, Floating

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    SHIBUKI 186 MS

    Price €41.25

    Specially developed for fishing for tuna launch, it has a reinforced body Abs. With built for long distances profile and a weight of 80 grams it will allow you to make records throws. The Shibuki is the ultimate weapon for all large predators with sharp teeth: tuna, barracuda, kingfish.

    Size 18.6cm

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    Price €17.42

    The Laser Pro 140 responds to a demand from the bar fishermen of the Atlantic seaboard who have excellent results with the size 120 and who wanted to have a larger size to target the big bars or to adapt to the size food at the end of the season.

    • 2 interchangeable bibs

    Taille 140mm

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    Price €21.58

    Iridescent internal prismatic finish. Squid-like imitation body with a Yo-Zuri skirt (mobility + fastness) and an integral stainless steel frame (extreme strength). Reinforced bib of good size that makes it dive up to 2.50 meters. Finish "3D Prism Finish" + technology "Color Change" is without hesitation the most realistic squid imitation on the market.

    Original assembly with rugged broken rings and 3X hooks.

    Very versatile to interest multiple species (bass, bonito, tuna, cobia, stripped bass, ...) both slow launching and slow trolling (motor boats but also sailboat).

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    Price €25.79

    Cut for high speed trolling, the 3D MAGNUM is designed to search for all the fast fish present on our coasts or in exotic fishing: tuna, lich, dente, wahoo, king mackerel

    Its robust body is made of polycarbonate with an integral stainless steel frame that will withstand the most aggressive fish.

    Size 18cm, weight 90gr

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    Price €24.92

    A vibration-type swimmer fish that benefits from the high-strength YO-ZURI "Power Body" construction with full-through stainless steel frame and patented color change technology (modulated spectral iridescence). A champion of the very high speed, able to be dragged up to 15 knots.Note also the presence of a sharp and sharp dorsal fin which ensures the stability of the lure at a very high speed by effect "inverted keel".

    Delivered "ready to fish" with 2 triple 3X strong iron.

    Size 130mm, Weight 80gr