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    Price €76.67

    Slim profile body with a small cup which leaves a bubble trail when worked. The slim profile matches the baitfish profile which is well balanced and casts well. Perfect to use on tuna and kingfish.

    21 cm / 90 gr

    Floating / handmade in Japan


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    Price €49.17

    The Megadog is a surface lure clearly intended for big fish. It is equipped with an integral frame, with a diameter of 1.2 mm in stainless steel, and has a double lateral mass transfer system which allows it to perform large lurches from side to side and thus adopt a particularly pronounced "long slide" stroke. The three hooks of the Megadog are mounted on rolling swivels to minimize the possibility of losing the fish during the fight.

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    Price €15.42

    With its asymmetrical profile and knife point design, the Gomoku Kensaki cuts through the water and sinks quickly • In-line eyelets stabilize the lure during the descent and make it flutter when the line is relaxed • In “Slow Pitch Jigging”, the Gomoku Kensaki is formidable because it produces an erratic action when pulled, followed by a very tight swim while fluttering on the descent • Lure mounted with two VMC Assist Hooks • Sinking

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    Price €56.67

    "Amberjack, yellowtail and tunas topwater games are very popular, and people kept asking me to make lures for them in the Seikai Collection. "  SEIKAI Murakoshi san.

    With a walking action, only playing on the surface, the Topskater is perfeclty looking like a fish speeding up on the surface to avoid predators !

     floating and their specialty is skating action (dog walking).

    20 cm / 90 gr

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    The Fish Trippers Village Espuma 220 is a special popper. Designed as a Pencil Popper it draws a long bubble trail during long strokes. With short twitches the lure breaks out in zig-zag. The Espuma 220 is a great lure when fishing on overfished reefs because of its unique running behaviour.

    All Fish Trippers lures are 100% handmade from polyurethane and very resistant!

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    Price €73.33

    Handcrafted in Japan by Eiji-san, a deep diving popper creating a huge bubble trial with lots of flash while swimming with a unique S motion action to entice a bite..

    20 cm / 85 Gr