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    Price €79.17

    Made of honeycomb elasticated fabric, the AB1 case can hold an assembled stand up or trolling rod with butt and reel.

    This facilitates transportation, protects against accidental damage, solar rays and temperature changes. Another top quality Made in Italy product that enriches the AB-1 series.

    A complete casing with unmistakable AB1 design.

    Bag is made for one rod and reel.

    Italian performance / 100% made in Italy

    Lenght 237cm


    Price €57.50
    Malette Modular Jig King HPA for the transport of jigs and fixtures. The HPA Jig King is an ultra-rugged briefcase containing two pockets for storing jigs: a jig pouch L (for small jigs and means) and Jig Pouch XL (for medium and long jigs).
  • • Bag of high transportation capacity • Comes with 3 boxes of 3700-type storage and can hold up to 8 • Base molded waterproof • Multiple front pockets • internal storage and side D-rings for attaching tools • straps comfortable transportation
  • This Tackle Bag Lure Camo from Rapala has been designed for the storage and transport of lures. It is suitable for holding up to 4 Plano boxes of size 3700 and you can even attach one on top. The base of this bag is molded which will make it waterproof on this part. You can also count on waterproof materials for the rest of the materials and fabrics used. The front pocket features multiple tool clips and plenty of interior storage. You will also find a transparent zipped pocket under the cover for your soft baits or other accessories. To remember nothing, the carrying strap is padded and you can count on two side pockets that can act as rod holders.

  • SAC A DOS 3 EN 1 COMBO...

    Price €81.67
    3-IN-1 COMBO BACKPACK • Easy access to the main compartment. Rainproof row separately • Protection. BACKPACK • Sturdy carrying handle. • 2 large compartments. • Waterproof bottom. • compression straps and mesh pocket on each side. • compartmentalized on the outer strap pocket for holding accessories. • Padded shoulder straps, adjustable. FISHING BAG • Holds 4 boxes kind 3500 (23 x 13 x 3 cm) • 1 main compartment with zipper • Carrying straps • Waterproof bottom • Removable straps for holding the stick • 3 outside pockets.
  • Bag spacious and very practical fishing. The PVC bag inside the main compartment is removable. Two additional front pockets are designed for accessories. Snap flap protection. Impervious material. Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • This bag is very convenient for fishing daily. The PVC bag inside the main compartment is removable. Three other side pockets provide storage for your tools and accessories. Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Large main compartment and front pocket spacious. Impervious material. Adjustable shoulder strap. PVC removable inner pocket in the main compartment.
  • Waterproof material to protect your fishing gear in all conditions. Adjustable shoulder strap with D-ring Padded shoulder straps for carrying on the back all day easily. Side straps snap.
  • Same features as "Sling Bag" this version "King Size" allows storage boxes Plano 3700. The adjustable shoulder strap: - Patch spiral - Hanging loop - zippered pouch on the front and back. Two main compartments with zipper. 600D impervious material. Comes with two boxes Plano 3700.
  • Allows easy transportation of the material. (Can accompany a backpack). • Support straps for clamps or other accessories. • The rotation of the bag on the front lets you quickly change the fixtures or lures. • Adjustable with adjustable belt. • 1 removable side pockets allow storage of a 3500-type box (23 x 13 x 3 cm). • 1 small pocket on the side with a retaining cord spiral can drag a small tool such as lime to hooks, clip clipper, mini pliers ... • 1 carrying pouch for thermos or water bottle. • Main compartment with zip closure includes one external pocket serving tray worktop, plus 1 mesh pocket for small accessories.