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    Knot nightener for tightening line systems.

    It is a set of large size and small size.

    Small size can be stored by opening the lid at the top of the large size body.
    Both large and small are equipped with line stoppers sandwiched between O-rings.
    Can be used not only for tightening but also as a line breaker.
    * The body is made of carbon, and the bracket is made of aluminum.*Made in JAPAN

    Large size
    Length : 174mm
    Diameter : 25mm

    Small size
    Length : 147mm
    Diameter : 21mm

    * If the rubber tube on the surface of the carbon part of the main unit deteriorates, it can be repaired.

  • This high resistance staple has a high quality ball swivel providing perfect rotation and minimal friction. It will thus limit the untimely twisting of the line which usually causes wigs and breakages. By turning at the slightest solicitation, it will also prevent the fish from taking support on the lure to drop.

    With exceptional tensile strength compared to its size, its wide opening does not hinder the swimming of your lures and ensures them maximum mobility (ex: swimming fish). It will allow you to quickly interchange your lures while ensuring a practical and secure locking system.

    pocket of 3 pieces








  • Tornado Strong swivels for strong peaches

    Mounted on ball bearings

    Pouch of 3 pieces

    N ° 3 = 36kg

    N ° 5 = 82 kg

    N ° 7 = 160 kg

    N ° 9 = 330 kg

  • Ultra Wire broken rings, designed for large fish. They are even stronger than Hyper Wire, from 34 kg to 190 kg. The metal is of round section and the shape is classic.