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  • These tests are used to lower more or less deeply the fishing line while controlling its deployment through Cannon winch. Specially designed for fishing, they are shaped, and have reflectors on the fins that sharpen the curiosity of fish.

    Price €11.27
    used for light trolling along the coast. Is added to a frame of "fixed" presents an excellent navigability and good value for money.

    Price €49.17
    This new 100% dyneema braid high tenacity has a specific braiding gives it an almost perfect roundness that will allow you to reduce vibration and taken to the water while having a very high resistance to abrasion.
  • 210/5000 120m cable CANNON. Cable length of 120 meters, stainless steel 316 7 strands. Tested for a traction of 70 kg. Diameter of 80/100. Compatible with : Uni Troll 10, Uni Troll 5, Uni Troll 10TS, Magnum 5 ST.

    Price €40.83
    Lead drags specially designed with an aerodynamic shape for a fast descent with a maximum penetration into the water.

    Price €9.58
    Depending on the speed of the boat, it comes down to desired depth and back to the key. Also allows to remove the line thanks to the numerous rear anchor points. Ballast coated with multiple fasteners.
  • Z WING 150 et 350

    Price €99.17

    A revolution in deep drags. Z Wing 150 is especially suitable for fast trolling with artificial lures (up to 7 knots) With its streamlined shape allows you to reach previously unexplored depths (40 meters). Z WIng 350 is designed for slow trolling with sharp (from 1 knots). Heavier it descends deeper at low speed.

    Z WING 150 Weight 680gr

    Z WING 350 Weight 1590gr


    Price €45.83
    Any new boot system, an ingenious mechanism is infallible, it does not disperse your bait before reaching the fond.Formidable for all fisheries handlines background.

    Price €27.50
    This Paravane which is used directly on the line is adjustable in depth by its attachment points. The automatic system frees your wire to the key and traces all under the pull of the fish.
  • Thanks to its ultra-thin stainless steel cable and a swivel Aussie Twist anti spin will optimize the descent of your lead behind. With this kit and a Z-wing you can reach more than 40m deep slow drags (1 to 3 knots) and 35m fast trolling (6 knots).