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    The DJ 98 Twin Pike Hyper is an evolution of the classic DJ 88, it presents a greater resistance of the hook due to the cubic profile applied to the shank of the hook and also benefits from an aquablock surface treatment which further improves its resistance to corrosion and rust.

  • • Fluorocarbon in the center of the braid to stiffen the assist

    • Barbarian® type hook and Needle SharpTM point for superior opening resistance and exceptional spiciness

    • Over 40Kg of linear resistance on the range!

  • • The ideal ready-to-use hook for slow jigging / light jigging techniques

    • The exclusive Barbarian shape allows exceptional opening resistance

    • Recommended for metal jigs

    Characteristics :

    • VMC steel: Hi-Carbon

    • Barbarian technical form

    • Forge

    • X-Large shape

    • Needle Sharp tip

  • • When POWER is the key to fishing and it is necessary to extract fish quickly from its area

    • Perfect combination in Dyneema and (White) and Kevlar (red) assist braid

    • Developed and tested on ultra powerful fish (GT, TDC and sharks)

    • VMC® TI coating: better corrosion resistance + Flash for during animation

    2 per pocket


    Price €10.58

    Forged stainless steel single hooks with welded "Inline" eyelet and flat for the passage of the broken ring. Strong iron. Short-legged and ultra-sharp tapered straight edge with chemical sharpening. Specifically designed to arm hard lures in strong to strong peaches.


    Price €14.41
    Sea assisted hook Twin Assist SHOUT. Famous Japanese brand, known and recognized by the biggest for the quality and the technicality of its products, Shout will fill all the enthusiasts of thrills in Big Game fishing and exotic fishing. - Pocket of 2.

    Price €7.82
    Lightweight double assist mounting. Hooks wide opening duo mounted to arm your jigs lights. Ideal for jigging light in the Mediterranean or for the specific search of bars, places, etc.   Pocket of 2 pieces