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    Price €665.83

    Daiwa LEOBRITZ 200J-L (LEFT HANDLE) English Display Electric Reel from Japan
    Condition : NEW

    Lifting power 18kg.

    Speed of climb 170m / minute

    Item Condition    : NEW
    Gear Ratio    : 4.8:1
    Ball/Roller Bearing    :
    Weight    : 460g
    Line Capacity    : PE #2(20LB)-300m, #3(30LB)-200m
    MAX Drag    : 8.0kg
    Retrieve    : 51cm

    • New


    Price €1,224.17

    The new Daiwa Seaborg SB1200MJ "Power Assist" reel offers the sportsman a powerful motor that allows you the opportunity to bring up and check baits without all the back breaking work of winding by hand. Once hooked up you may switch to manual and fight the fish. With all its features the SB1200MJ may be used for an assortment of applications such as pulling light dredges, kite fishing, deep dropping or daytime sword-fishing. 

    Lifting power 130kg.

    Speed of climb 155m / minute

    • Powerful Megatwin (switchable between high/low gear
    • English version LCD
    • Magsealed ball Bearing
    • Jog Power Lever
    • Convenient 12-Volt DC Operation (acceptable range of voltage 12-16.8V)
    • Electric current usage No load – 4 amps, Rated 7/5A (Hi/Lo) amps, Maximum power – 20 amps
    • Line Counter and Depth Memory
    • New

    Electric reels for deep-sea fishing or other heavy-line fishing.

    • Star brake

    • Bearings: 4

    • Aluminum frame and polyamide flanges

    • Aluminum coil

    • Digital display with indication in meter

    • Delivered with a power cable (2.50 m) with clamps

    • Maximum power: 30A / 360W

    • Voltage: 12 to 16.8 V

    • Weight 1250gr

    • Capacity 700m braid 60lb

    • Drag 20kg


    Price €532.50
    Electric reel for fishing in deep sea fisheries or other heavy drags. Features: • Brake star • Bearings: 4 • Power lift 64kg • aluminum frame and aluminum plates polyamides • Reel • Digital display with indication meter • Comes with a power cable (2.50 m) with pliers and CD manual • all Tanacom Daiwa is for fishing deep. This set includes a reel Tanacom 1000E, a rod Tanacom Boat 1.80 m and 500 m spool braid 100 lbs. IN STOCK Maximum power: 30A/360W • Voltage: 12 Volt

    Price €490.83
    Features: • Brake star • Bearings: 4 • Power lift 64kg • Frame and aluminum flanges polyamides • Aluminum Coil • Digital display with indication meter • Comes with a power cable (2.50 m) with pliers and CD manual • Maximum power: 30A/360W for TNB 750 and 1000 • Voltage: 12 Volt

    Price €205.00
    This Speedmaster 2 strands is designed to fish deep with an electric reel, as our Dendou Maru. His blank HPC100 kind of Biofibre is very durable. His reel "Pac Bay" Aluminium is very light. Fuji strengthened its stainless steel rings are perfectly drag the braid. Characteristics : • Blank HPC100 Biofibre • Fuji reinforced stainless steel rings • Pac Bay aluminum reel seat • EVA handle alu + • aluminum knob fight • An ideal rod with a reel Dendou Maru

    Price €74.17
    This blank is the result of an exclusive technology Daiwa conferring elasticity and lightweight blank. Able to retransmit the most delicate touches, it also ensures an excellent ballast on the bottom even with strong current. Short length, it is easy to use semi-rigid. The rings without special ceramic braid prevent any fishing action breaks and allow leaded braid use. Characteristics : • Blank Glatech • Fitting "Off Set" (scion is shrink-fitted into the heel) • "Pacific Bay" Rings • reel seat screw with safety rings • Ergonomic handle "Powerlift" high density Duplon (upper part) and resin (lower part) • Cardan stainless heel • Progressive Action, full scion
  • TREUIL XL 640

    Price €282.50
    The electric reel 640 XL is a lightweight version of XL645M without crank combat. A lightweight but three times more powerful than its predecessor, the XL630. Offered at a very attractive price for an electric reel, it retains all the advantages of products Kristal Fishing: robustness, efficiency, maneuverability and small footprint.

    Price €540.83
    He who has an original Dendou Maru HP will understand how difficult it was to improve this reel already ahead of many years! But our engineers have outdone themselves by creating these two new models: the DDM 4000 will allow you to fish deep without giving up the pleasure of a conventional reel with winding 50kg power (with a speed of 170m / min), the 4000 is more suitable for large fish.

    Price €432.50
    This electric reel is designed for deep-sea fishing or long-line fishing. It has the programmable function "animation" called jigging. Characteristics : • Star brake • Bearings: 3 • Aluminum frame and polyamide flanges • Aluminum coil • Digital display with indication in meter • Sold with a power cable (2.50 m) with pliers • XXXMaximum Power: 11A / 132W • Voltage: 12 to 16.8 VXXX • Super MetatlBody Weight 750gr drag 10kg