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    Price €35.42

    Storage container. Ideal for putting the lures used during a day of fishing.

    Height 164mm, Width 178mm, 270mm

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    The BM 7000 is an extremely solid fishing box perfectly designed for the storage of small equipment.

    Height 286mm, Width 281mm, Length 383mm


    Price €79.17

    Made of honeycomb elasticated fabric, the AB1 case can hold an assembled stand up or trolling rod with butt and reel.

    This facilitates transportation, protects against accidental damage, solar rays and temperature changes. Another top quality Made in Italy product that enriches the AB-1 series.

    A complete casing with unmistakable AB1 design.

    Bag is made for one rod and reel.

    Italian performance / 100% made in Italy

    Lenght 237cm


    Price €57.50
    Malette Modular Jig King HPA for the transport of jigs and fixtures. The HPA Jig King is an ultra-rugged briefcase containing two pockets for storing jigs: a jig pouch L (for small jigs and means) and Jig Pouch XL (for medium and long jigs).
  • • 2 storage bins upper + 1 lower Closures • secure • Latch brass front • Colour: metallic blue / off-white • 2 racks spinnerbaits • Sun 37 X 22 X 20 cm
  • • Patented Flipsider ®. • innovative access of the cover part. • 19 spacious to receive lures, spoons or equipment compartments. • 3 deep trays. • Large storage area in the lower part. • 51 x 28.5 x 27 cm approx.
  • • 3 storage bins upper + 1 lower Closures • secure • Latch brass front • Colour: metallic green / off-white • 2 racks spinnerbaits • Sun 41 X 23 X 22 cm
  • • Distributor bottom line. • Special Box coils. • Allows storage of six coils son or braid, width 2.50 cm. • Prevents unwanted roll and tangling of wire or braid. • 17 x 14 x 12 cm approx.