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    Price €12.08

    The Shugo Kab is a special bait sliding kabura that perfectly imitates a small octopus. It will be incredibly effective associated with bait (worms, strips or legs of cephalopods, shrimp or prawns bodies, etc.) It is even capable of catching fish without any bait! The assist hooks braid slides freely in the channel located in the head. A sliding ring placed on this braid holds the skirt of the kabura. This consists of strands of silicone which create a volume effect in the water and emit fine attractive vibrations. This sliding system has the advantage of not providing support points for the fish allowing it to drop out during combat.


    Price €23.75
    The madai home Megabass was expected, it happened! 50, 65 and 80 grams for this lure already well known snappers of Finistère ... Flawless finish, a perfect balance to the downhill and fishing action, a skirt as it should be provided to ensure a perfect fit and quality hooks at all events make this a value madai unavoidable. A little trick to get louder, add a XLayer on one of the hooks madai ... you'll be surprised.

    Price €16.58
    Inchiku phophorescent with ballast and ultra flexible skirts. Mounts reinforced with line Varivas 100lb assist hooks and hooks Decoy JS2.

    Price €12.08
    With the rise planing action it waddles like a real squid fleeing. The recovery of this lure should be interrupted quite slow, breaks and short blasts scion.

    Price €14.96
    Jig articulates Inchiku perfect type for the exploration of all the layers of water. limit its particular profile clashes on the bottom and swimming action can be changed according to the selected anchor point.

    Price €24.17
    Thanks to its three weights, you will in 80 and 100 Gr try fish in light jigging as dentists, snappers in small jerky animations flush with funds, en120Gr it will be very taker on pelagic midwater by animations "stop and go". Very good resistance to swim with its fins.