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    Ike jime is central to Japanese standards for the highest quality seafood in the world. Scientifically proven to improve the smell, texture, and flavor of harvested fish, ike jime starts by spiking the fish’s brain and draining the fish’s blood. Paralyzing the fish by destroying the spinal cord (shinkei jime) elevates the quality further. Until now, professional ike jime tools have been unavailable in the West.

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    the Tegaki is the tool that is used for performing ikejime. It is very similar to the technique used on frogs in laboratories called spiking or pithing.

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    The finest quality seafood is often associated with sashimi, sushi, and other Japanese raw fish preparations. Ike jime is a traditional Japanese slaughter technique that involves instantaneously euthanizing a fish by inserting a spike into its brain cavity. The fish is then thoroughly bled and undergoes spinal cord destruction (shinkei jime) before getting iced down.

    You’ve probably brought fish home from a trip and created your own sashimi platter only to discover it didn’t quite taste the same and the texture wasn’t as nice as what you’re accustomed to ordering at your favorite Japanese restaurant. You just harvested the fish yesterday – it doesn’t get any fresher, so what gives? The way a fish is handled once it comes aboard is what truly makes the difference in terms of taste


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    The clipper has a very tanchante stainless steel blade and wide grip for ease of use, even with gloves. The hook is very useful to untangle the knots.  The adjustment notches for bib Rapala can refine swimming.  The knife is ideal for any cutting and preparing bait.