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    The Seaguar Manyu Fluorocarbon is softer than the FXR. This explains why it is used in bigger diameter for drifting and chumming.

    Besides, you can use it several times as it does not being white after a few uses ! A must have flurocarbon !

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    The Momoi Hi Catch Mono is produced under the strictest quality controls. It comes stock with a very low memory, soft and supple while maintaining a high elasticity with respect to its diameter. This means more capacity in combat.

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    The Proprietary gel phase technology ™ manufacturing process provides flexibility, performance and transparency essential for the most technical fishing. Improving the fluoropolymer through a very precise process results in a flexible fluorocarbon, very tactile and with high abrasion resistance. 100% fluorocarbon & invisible under water. Density 4 times greater than nylon to reach the sideline faster. The G2 Precision Winding ™ full-coil winding technology combined with the properties of fluorocarbon results in a wire without any memory.

  • TRIPLE FORCE give unique and constant properties over the entire duration of the fishing trip. • Tensile strength higher • Exceptional durability • A very high resistance to abrasion • Low stretch factor 1000 meter spool

  • Ultra Supreme has the strength and impact resistance needed to cope with the most powerful freshwater and sea fights.

    IGFA standards for competition.

    A nylon top for all broumé peaches.

    Its ratio diameter resistance is unbeatable and you will thus increase the capacity of your reels.

    1000 meters spool

  • fxr

    Price €24.17

    The FXR fluorocarbon from Seaguar is really the best option for your leader ! Smoothness, stay clear and smooht even after weeks... moreover, its price is unbelieveable for a 100 Mt spool.

    BOBINE DE 100 Mt

  • The OCEAN RECORD SHOCK LEADER is 15 to 20% more resistant to equal diameter than another SHOCK LEADER, VARIVAS has also improved its flexibility and the discretion of this thread that is practically translucent as a fluorocarbon. The OCEAN RECORD SHOCK LEADER is designed to withstand ultra-powerful starts thanks to an expertly proportioned elasticity and has the ability to withstand headaches, rubs with other fish, and withstand all forms of abrasion for a long time. The OCEAN RECORD SHOCK LEADER comes with an elastic strap that protects and facilitates the distribution of the yarn.


    Price €173.33

    A very high-quality Copolymer monofilament that meets IGFA standards, this translucent nylon has an excellent diameter / strength ratio, as well as exceptional resistance to knots. With this Nylon Line of Tournaments You will feel better at ease to accelerate acceleration. For all strong or extreme fisheries, Tournament Line Varivas will do the job.


    Price €14.97
    Very versatile assembly to be connected in a few seconds to the line body by a loop-in-loop connection system. Heel braid with fluorocarbon tip. Length 10m.

    Price €43.48
    White Coofil nylon ASSO. Coil from 540m to 16000m. Gut to lover COOFIL - Crystal. Specific monofilament studied for manual longline fishing. Easy to coat, excellent knot holding and anti-slip surface treatment are the qualities of this Italian nylon. Several sizes to choose from.