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  • Once it is put into the rod holder, this accessory facilitates a 360°-degree rotation of the fishing rod

    Equipped with an adjustment clutch

    diamèter 38mm

  • porte canne LARK 2200

    Price €240.83

    A rod holder provided with a 90°, five-stage swing function dedicated to cruiser and motorboat fishing.

    A magic band is set in the rod holder in order to secure the rod at sea.

    Swinging left and right and jerking back and forth, and attached or detached with just a single action.

    Use the product for a fishing boat where the clamp-type Lark Saouke cannot be mounted. 

    Added with a 90° swing function.

    Possible to secure the rod holder at a position of 45° left and right according to the flow of the tide.

    This makes it possible to change the direction flexibly to avoid entanglement in narrow places. 

    855 Grms


    maximum butt diameter : 32 mm


    Price €99.34
    and Mounts Sardamatic. Materials: Stainless steel, 6 positions with fixing feet diameter: 25 mm. Fasteners: Stainless steel, complete with fasteners and 6 positions.

    Price €282.50
    This new rod holder includes a pin to guide the rod holder in the direction of fishing. Four positions of inclination of the rod and rotating 180 ° Supplied with mounting plate can also be used with grinders and sardines donwriggers brand. Outstanding quality!

    Price €240.83
    This support cane multi-position can fix it on a balcony of diameter 20-28 mm. Entirely made of marine stainless steel, it supports 6 rods. Tubes of 40 mm inner and 26 cm long are slotted to set foot reel. Dimensions 76.2 cm and 10 cm between each tube
  • Free recessed supporting rod, provided with closure cap 3 is fixed to flat surface hole. Inner tube diameter 42 mm, outside 50 mm, length 21 cm, diameter of the mounting plate 10 cm. Stainless materials Weight 900 g
  • Interior tube diameter 40 cm long and 26 inclined so that the tip of your outriggers do not touch, in abutment to the bottom of the cross tube • The tubes are mounted on a stainless steel plate flanges • Both anti fixing slides provide maintenance perfect system
  • • For three rods • Long tube ø 295 mm • 40 mm • Adjustable inter • Mounting plates MatériauxInox marine Weight2, 8 kg