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  • The TOP GAME weights are equipped with an ingenious release snap system that allows the line to be released when the fish is striking the livebait but keeping the weight on the line !

    Thus, you didn't have any problems with the weight fixed on the line when fighting the fish !


    Price €8.33
    The original head of the pen is slightly concave which gives it a very interesting curvy swimming. A decoy "Top" skipjack, bonito, Spanish mackerel small dolphin, etc ...

    Price €10.00
    The bertox natural sardine is the ultimate weapon for casting for bluefin tuna. Its silicone body ensures a perfect swim imitating a sardine leak just under the surface of the water. Its 30 grams and strong arming Owner 3X strengthened ensures formidable efficiency on pelagic. To test absolutely!

    Price €19.08

    The TOP GAME floats are equipped with an ingenious release snap system that allows the line to be released when the fish is striking the livebait but keeping the float on the line !

    Thus, you didn't loose the float, it is just sliding on the line when fighting the fish !

    11*9 cm, support weight to 400 Grms

  • fxr

    Price €24.17

    The FXR fluorocarbon from Seaguar is really the best option for your leader ! Smoothness, stay clear and smooht even after weeks... moreover, its price is unbelieveable for a 100 Mt spool.

    BOBINE DE 100 Mt


    Price €599.17

    Our sights are set on monstruous Blue-fin tuna. The Ocean ridge Big Tuna Japan Spécial is the rod for anglers to go head to head with the ultimate target.

    We pursued a rod with oustanding  breaking point.

    Our mission was to create  a rod able to absorb the trashing run from the blue-fin tuna wheile being able to hight stick the rod when the fight draws out overtime.

  • This hook model makes it possible to prime each live fish with extraordinary speed and without hurting it, while maintaining its vitality and attractiveness.

    The reinforced hook is perfect for fishing Serioles, Tunas and tropical fish

    The top for live fishing without complications!

  • 7266 TI

    Price €5.42

    Single hook to use in place of treble hooks on lures. Increasingly popular trend for saltwater specimen fishing. Improves catch rate vs treble hook. Designed by Hiroshi Takahashi Extremely long needle point. 11% wider Gap than competitive products. INLINE SINGLE HOOK

  • Ultra Wire broken rings, designed for large fish. They are even stronger than Hyper Wire, from 34 kg to 190 kg. The metal is of round section and the shape is classic.

  • Specially designed for trolling. The clips are made by hand, it is more resistant market. The 500 lbs model is handmade with an iron an oversized diameter. The series "Tournament" with a welded ring supplémmentaire prevents blocking of the clip and provides great freedom in mounting.


    Price €6.67

    The aluminum is soft will not hurt your nylon crimping. These small sleeves are perfect for all fixtures which require a large discretion.


    Price €8.75

    The OS 1E ZERO-DAN TENYA EBI-ORA is a double hook assembly on which we will fix a bait (shrimp, squid strip ...) to practice vertical or diagonal fishing from a boat.