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    Tornado Strong swivels for strong peaches

    Mounted on ball bearings

    Pouch of 3 pieces

    N ° 3 = 36kg

    N ° 5 = 82 kg

    N ° 7 = 160 kg

    N ° 9 = 330 kg

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    Ultra Wire broken rings, designed for large fish. They are even stronger than Hyper Wire, from 34 kg to 190 kg. The metal is of round section and the shape is classic.


    Price €8.33
    The original head of the pen is slightly concave which gives it a very interesting curvy swimming. A decoy "Top" skipjack, bonito, Spanish mackerel small dolphin, etc ...

    Price €20.00
    Lipless (without flap) complete with a fixed weight in the head and throat, as well as five balls on the back. Reinforced resin. Attachment points connected together. It is done to address the hunting of large predators at bay. The recommended action is at sea: long recovery, short jerk, let it flow .... And so on. Many keys are held on the decision. Short and dry animations printed up will be most effective. Remain in light contact during descents.
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    For those who spend long hours tracking down the GT or marlin under a blazing sun, the Vaportek is the ultimate protection! Made of 100% stretch fabric UPF 50, it is very comfortable to wear and will protect you from UV rays during your fishing. -UPF 50 + fabric Ventilation-Mesh underarm. Anti anti-odor treatment, water repellent fabric-task.


    Price €16.25
    This popular lure features a bullet nose which eliminates spinning and can be pulled from 5 to 12 knots depending on sea conditions. Deadly when used in conjunction with natural baits. Ideal for Tuna, Dolphin, Sailfish and Mackerel. Can also be used on a spreader bar for attracting game fish.

    Price €29.17
    Harder finish to offer superior resistance to abrasion. This nylon provides superior tensile strength at 200% compared to most other monofilament. 130lb - 91m
  • Is fixed on a flat part of the vessel. This is the perfect rod rests, for returns to port and release the gunwales during a fight. Can also be used on tires.
  • Z WING 150 et 350

    Price €99.17

    A revolution in deep drags. Z Wing 150 is especially suitable for fast trolling with artificial lures (up to 7 knots) With its streamlined shape allows you to reach previously unexplored depths (40 meters). Z WIng 350 is designed for slow trolling with sharp (from 1 knots). Heavier it descends deeper at low speed.

    Z WING 150 Weight 680gr

    Z WING 350 Weight 1590gr

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    Tanacom mount specially designed for fishing with electric reel at great depth. This Extra-Heavy fluorocarbon model is equipped with 4 60 cm 60 cm stacks with Chinu ring hooks 3X4 / 0 and 1X5 / 0. Its 140/100 fuorocarbon line body gives it sufficient resistance for very strong fishing with electric reels.


    Price €65.83
    This popper is perfect for long form prospecting over large areas. Ideally he launches tapered off and sticks to the surface. Its wide mouth trumpet produces wide burst to the surface and allows fishing for many hours without fatigue. Lenght 26cm, Weight 150gr
  • Guigo Marine offers a new range of lines for bottom fishing. These techniques are fitted with fixtures circle hooks reinforced steel hook that provide automatic hook fish.