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    Price €24.17
    Thanks to its three weights, you will in 80 and 100 Gr try fish in light jigging as dentists, snappers in small jerky animations flush with funds, en120Gr it will be very taker on pelagic midwater by animations "stop and go". Very good resistance to swim with its fins.

    Price €8.33
    The original head of the pen is slightly concave which gives it a very interesting curvy swimming. A decoy "Top" skipjack, bonito, Spanish mackerel small dolphin, etc ...
  • SEA ROCK 150GR

    Price €8.25
    This "Metal Jig" was designed asymmetrically so as to shift the center of gravity towards the head of the lure. This feature, coupled with a concave shaped body gives it a wide range swimming, perfect for slow animations at all depths. Compact, Sea Rock has a stainless steel frame "Thru Wire" shows its strength when fighting larger fish. Most colors are available when a fishing phosphorescent belly attractive in great depth.
  • First jig from Smith, he is known around the world! Very powerful colors, unique shape gives it a swimming strength, super efficient on dentists, groupers, red snappers ...

  • Specially designed for trolling. The clips are made by hand, it is more resistant market. The 500 lbs model is handmade with an iron an oversized diameter. The series "Tournament" with a welded ring supplémmentaire prevents blocking of the clip and provides great freedom in mounting.

    • New

    Tornado Strong swivels for strong peaches

    Mounted on ball bearings

    Pouch of 3 pieces

    N ° 3 = 36kg

    N ° 5 = 82 kg

    N ° 7 = 160 kg

    N ° 9 = 330 kg

  • Ultra Wire broken rings, designed for large fish. They are even stronger than Hyper Wire, from 34 kg to 190 kg. The metal is of round section and the shape is classic.


    Price €8.75

    Assist hook Hook Special mounting jigs or spoons special bars, and places strong fisheries France. Open-hook mounting original duo. Once bitten, the fish can no longer win. A great product.

  • •Japanese quality with beautiful foiled finishes and colors •Casting or jigging •Pro rigged with quality VMC trebble hook •The asymmetrical design of this little jig causes it to dart and flutter about like a tiny baitfish •

    Price €6.67
    Specially designed for this jig hook unanimity among fishermen around the world. Rugged and lightweight, it has a wide opening for easy penetration and ensures the maintenance of fish. Plus it has a titanium coating corrosion which gives it its golden color.

    Price €15.42

    ultra resistant triple of, as reliable as ST76 of the same brand, but much lighter and much more pungent. The carnation is wide and well flared to accommodate a broken ring perfectly suited ideally positioned on the fishing lure action (a real plus to maximize its manufacture the success rate). The Zo-Wire technology implementation gives much thinner and much lighter hooks to equal strength with longer and finer points that guarantee a much higher coefficient of penetration. Weight gain is also an asset for the work that lures well armed are no longer overloaded and will work better and more naturally. This is the perfect hook to equip surface lures (and subsurface) for the largest game fish, tuna, kingfish, tarpon, ...