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    Price €315.83

    The Hot's Harness is made of an ultra-light and highly resistant aluminum alloy. Its size has been reduced as much as possible without altering its functions. The cushion on the back of the plate is 20mm EVA foam, ensuring maximum comfort. The rod reception system consists of a cup with a dome-shaped bottom about 30% deeper allowing both to improve stability and to allow the rod to be tilted during fights. The system is also equipped with a quick release pin that can be easily removed. Unlike other harnesses, it attaches and detaches in a single gesture.

    High strength and lightweight aluminum. The pad on the back of the plate is 20mm thick EVA

    Weight 545gr

  • sangle spinning

    Price €7.92

    Black sling (width 25 mm, length 40 cm) equipped with two well-designed D-shaped stainless steel buckles which allow you to tackle very large sport fish with a simple throwing equipment (spinning: fixed drum) with the help of a shoulder harness (note not provided here, essential additional accessory) and of course a harness complementary to the system (also not provided).


    Price €549.17

    As a tradition at AB1 headquarter to always have the best product, they has develloped their own fighting belt !

    With using carbon, the belt is the lightest ever made stand-up fighting belt !  650 Grms !!

    The focus has been done on the foam used on the back of the belt to avoid to much pressure on the upper thigh ! the choice has been done on the Evazote 50 who's ultra resistant to pressure and shocks ! this allows you to  fight without any pains on the thigh !

    At last, the shape of the plate allows the fisherman to move more easily than on the Black Magic belt and move left and right or walk without any sensations of being forward !

    one by one unit production !

    Sold complete with the back belt and harness for a complete "sitted" stand up position and bag for transportation.


    Price €237.50

    Manufacturing New Zealander this belt has become a standard for fishing in stand up. It is ideal for beginners "stand up extreme" with lines 50 to 80lb max. The attractive price is an asset.


    Price €65.83

    Special big game fishing and tropical peaches

    Fine straps on the front for easy movement

    Kidney support

    Adjusting the length of the straps

    Solid carabiners

    Clipped fasteners

    Retaining buckle

    Sold with a lightweight nylon carry bag