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    Price €12.08

    Comfortable, breathable and lightweight with SPF 40.

    Tormenter Ocean's face & neck gaiters offer premium quality sun protection with stunning design patterns. Designed for pro performance with anti-fog technology.


    Assures protection against UV rays

    Odor resistant

    Allows breathability and moisture wicking

    Controls microorganisms

    The polyester fabric that allows functionality


    Price €12.08

    You can buy the Mahi skin neck and face shield and have a shield for your neck as well as the face. It provides the right protection while fishing so you do not get a sunburn. Wear sunglasses and cap for complete protection along with your fishing apparels and you are good to go. The fabric is moisture-wicking so the sweat does not get stored against your skin. It is breathable enough that it does not create fog on your glasses.


    Lightweight fabric

    Proper airflow

    Does not create fog on glasses

    UV rays protection

    Covers while neck, face, and ears

    Moisture-wicking properties

  • Add up the Wahoo Skin face and neck shield to your fishing accessories edition and have protection for your neck and face. The fabric is breathable and lightweight so you do not feel humid while breathing. You can wear it with sunglasses as well and it does not create the fog while breathing out. It gives the perfect amount of stretch so you do not feel it losing or slipping out.


    Gaiter that covers both face and neck

    Lightweight and breathable fabric

    Does not create a foggy effect on sunglasses

    Stretchable shield

    Moisture-wicking fabric

    Low pricing

  • This polyester shield protects your face and neck in summers from the prickly sun and keeps you from sunburn. The fabric feels breathable when you wear it on and it does not create a fog-like effect on your sunglasses when you exhale. The Turtles violet face and neck shield is a good choice for anyone who wants a face shield with stylish graphics, lightweight fabric, and just the right amount of protection.


    The versatile shield is useful for various sports

    Protects your neck and face well

    SPF protection

    Moisture-wicking properties

    Does not create fog

    Made of polyester and offers quality stretch