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    Price €540.83

    Nicknamed the "Big Fish Hunter", Kozo Okubo oversaw this wide range of fishing rods created to target the largest species of fish, whether saltwater or freshwater.

    - S55EX/J2: Capable of taking a PE 10 braid and a 500 g jig, this is an ultra-powerful jig rod that can also be used for trolling on billfish provided you adjust its setting correctly. brake.


    Price €8.25

    The JS 3 Jigging is a single hook with a flat forged eyelet, elongated in shape and with a sharply re-entrant point.

    Its great peculiarity lies in its very small barb which promotes better penetration and less traumatic handling of fish. Lightweight, sharp and strong, this is the most versatile hook in the range, suitable for live fishing or bait fishing, lure rigging or assist hooks.


    Price €825.00

    IKARI blank which equips the new FOKEETO IKARI. Unlike the other blanks which are hollow, the IKARI blanks are full and incorporate a super elastic carbon material. These rods are extremely fine but have a phenomenal resistance to breakage as well as an extraordinary strength of resilience. Thanks to their action which is both elastic and flexible, the FOKEETO IKARI manage to control short, long and slow jigs whereas previously a specific rod was required for each type of jig to obtain the desired action. Its extraordinary reserve of power will give you a definite advantage in a difficult fight against a fish and you can fully count on your FOKEETO IKARI. 

  • Ab1 Slow pitch Viper Light

    Price €757.50

    This outstanding new collection "slow pitch" is designed when a slow motion animation on lures is needed or when you are using a livebait such as squid on dritfting for amberjack, dentex, coral trout or sailfish with bonito belly and strike detection is a major part of the hooking.


    the particularity remain in the patented AB1 blank single taper, combinating Dynanotex, Carbon/Dynanotex and Carbon and allowing an amazing sensibility and an impressive power starting in the middle of the blank to strike and  lift the fish !

    you'll be able to use a tenya / madaï  or a squid and target amberjack, grouper, with sensibility and an amazing power.

    Besides, this amazing blank can be used in a spinning or casting mode, allowing to also target dorado fish with small stickbait !!


    Price €474.17

    The strength, low elasticity and high strength of the composite graphite technology nanoalloyages make this series of rods the ultimate in jigger tools! Superbly finished, light and pleasant in fishing, concentrate of technology that will delight the enthusiasts for whom each fight is a source of pleasure.

  • These blanks are around 6Ft, stiff like a stick and have a high elasticity for the jigging models. The blanks allow anglers to manually maneuver their jigs at their will. with its excellent ability to transmit the energy from the angler , these models can be utilized in shallow waters ( 50 mt) of the super deep 200 mt zones !


    Price €332.50

    This rod has been specially designed for the "Slow Jigging" with a conventional reel as the Ocea Jigger 2001. Its a blank ultra parabolic action and a flexible tip that allow to work perfectly with the three variations of "Slow Jigging "mentioned above. This rod was constructed to meet the smaller load, even when a light impulse "pitch" of 1/2, 3/4 or 1/8 turn of the handle, 20 to 30cm long. She replies, sitting up slowly and gradually.


    Price €382.50

    Anxious to share his passion for sport fishing and meet the maximum fishermen, fisher Ripple also produced canes under the brand Yamaga. The Galahad series is available in a wide range of power suitable for light jigging as for larger weights. They are equipped with a tip action marked with a good reserve of power. The blank end and nervous as a foil allows you to easily work the jig and unveils its full power when in contact with the fish.