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    Price €249.17

    Are you ready for the GIANTS ? The tuna bite has been going off in a big way. One of the tried and true methods of landing the big pelagics is on Splash Bars. Take if from an expert, Capt. Eric Stewart, Goose Hummock Business Development Manager, former owner of The Hook-Up.

  • Durable, 4" one-piece body. Troll on a weed line for Dolphin or cast to breaking Tuna. The Daisy Chain comes with 5 flying fish and is rigged with heavy mono and a 7/0 hook.

    Price €8.33
    Birds with flexible skirts interchangeable. Essential for the production of daisy chain or for mounting in front of your whistling jets.

    Price €74.17
    Veneers affixed on each side of the heavy beveled head adds flashes of light in all directions mirror. All combined in a sound system which attracts fish balls depths.

    Price €165.83
    Approaching 1.5 kg, it is impressive because of its bullet-shaped head and length. Some use it to lure mounted 12/0 and 14/0 ... His very special shape gives it a very realistic swimming near a live prey.

    Price €207.50

    Teaser world class, it is one that is closest to a living swimming tuna. You think you've seen big teaser before, forget everything! It is the largest and swimming is effective in your fishing plan is not even well known. Tip: Check your connections, no weak points should exist because it will often attack!


    Price €124.17
    This huge buoy trail behind your boat will get the biggest fish, marlin and big tuna heads. Our tests in Ivory Coast and the Azores have shown the effectiveness of this teaser. The plastic fish was torn by angry marlin. Mounted on nylon 500 lb, it works regardless of the state of the sea

    Price €45.83
    Sundance Teaser has mirrors on the sides that reflect light into the depths. Looks like a small swimming bonito before escaping a predator. This is a great teaser for tuna, sailfish and marlin. Excellent results on small Mediterranean bluefin tuna.