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  • Floating keepnet to keep catches or live bait in good condition

    The large-diameter upper floating ring to keep the upper part of the net on the surface even when heavily stocked with large live baits

    Adjustable strap on the upper part to attach the keepnet to the boat

    Head equipped with a cord with a quick-closing system

    Metal rings at the top and bottom to limit the compression of the net when it is placed in the current

    In the lower part a ring and a pocket are available to hang a weight

    When folded, its size is reduced.


    Price €131.67

    round head landing net

    - special "U" profile aluminum frame

    - diameter 100 cm

    - depth 100 cm

    - resin mesh

    - stainless steel clip-on socket for handle Ø 30 mm

    - reinforced aluminum handle sheathed Ø 30 mm

    available in two lenght

  • Folding aluminum landing net with rubber mesh.

    available in 2 lengths 110cm or 175cm

    open length     110cm   175cm

    closed length    60cm     110cm

    basket length   50cm     65cm

    basket width    45cm      60cm

    basket depth   40cm        60cm


    Price €158.25

    gaff handle:

    - material: aluminum

    - diameter: 30mm

    - tube thickness: 1.5mm

    - length: 2000mm

    - 2 protective foam: lg 180 and thickness 2mm

    hook hook:

    - stainless steel material

    - stainless steel round diameter: 16mm

    - length: 490mm

    - hook opening: 180mm

    - 120 ° retractable barb

    - rope fixing rings: Ø8mm

    - rings for max 19mm rope


    - material: polypropylene

    - White color

    - diameter: 10mm

    - length: 6 meters


    Price €290.83

    The Seanox V.3 tuna claw is designed to immobilize large marine fish and unhook them safely without taking them out of the water.

    Made in France, we designed it not to injure the fish while ensuring a firm grip for fishermen even on the largest specimens, up to 300kgs. It will allow you to calmly release your catches with a minimum of trauma for the fish.

    The gripper is sturdy and can help you hoist your catches aboard your boat.

    Tested and approved, the Seanox tuna tongs are robust and reliable. It will become an essential accessory for your Big Game sessions!


    o Aluminum handle

    o Stainless steel clamp 6mm

    o Non-slip, hydrophobic and waterproof heat-shrinkable grip

    o Black epoxy paint a


    o Jaw opening: 7 cm

    o Length: 1.30 m

    o Weight: 1,940 kilos


    Price €499.17
    TOP SHOT firm specializes in the manufacture of high-end blunders. The sleeves are lightweight carbon, a notch to block the rope for releasable models. But the main interest lies in the unique shape of the hook. Once in contact with the fish, hook hangs and can not turn as with a classic croc that might release poisson.Ultime subtlety, the position of the pin is determined by the fact that the hardest part of the flesh of the fish is immediately in contact with the skin. The pin then locks in tougher meat to minimize the risk of tearing. He was thinking.