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    Resistant floor lamp at 1200 meters distance.

    Consisting of 10 LEDs, this lamp sequentially switches the LEDs from left to right.

    Tensile strength 80kg

    size 15cm Weight 22gr

    works with 3 LR41 batteries

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    Tanacom mount specially designed for fishing with electric reel at great depth. This Extra-Heavy fluorocarbon model is equipped with 4 60 cm 60 cm stacks with Chinu ring hooks 3X4 / 0 and 1X5 / 0. Its 140/100 fuorocarbon line body gives it sufficient resistance for very strong fishing with electric reels.

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    Tanacom mount specially designed for fishing with electric reel at great depth. This heavy duty fluorocarbon model is equipped with 4 60 cm stacks of 60 cm with circle light hooks 3X4 / 0 and 1X5 / 0. Its 120/100 fuorocarbon line provides it with sufficient resistance for strong fishing with electric reels.

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    Tanacom mount specially designed for fishing with electric reel at great depth. This light Fluorocarbon model is equipped with 4 40 cm stacks in 60/100 with circle hook hooks 3X1 / 0 and 1X2 / 0. Its 90/100 fuorocarbon line body provides sufficient resistance for light fishing with electric reels.

  • These tests are used to lower more or less deeply the fishing line while controlling its deployment through Cannon winch. Specially designed for fishing, they are shaped, and have reflectors on the fins that sharpen the curiosity of fish.

    Price €11.27
    used for light trolling along the coast. Is added to a frame of "fixed" presents an excellent navigability and good value for money.

    Price €165.83
    The HG3108 is our most versatile model. It is 24 inches long and made to be deployed right off the side of the boat. It features 324 high output LEDs, 2,000 lumens, one amp draw and virtually unbreakable. The HG3108 is suited for mid-sized boats and water depth in the 5 to 20 foot deep range. It is designed for both freshwater and saltwater applications. The HG3108 is perfect for crappie, stripers, hybrids, walleye, perch, sea trout, snook and snappers.
  • Guigo Marine offers a new range of lines for bottom fishing. These techniques are fitted with fixtures circle hooks reinforced steel hook that provide automatic hook fish.

  • Night fishing works at all times of the year. To get in on the action, simply drop the Quarrow® 12-LED Submersible Fishing Light into the water in the area you plan to fish. In minutes you'll see the food chain begin to ramp up, as baitfish are drawn to feed in the bright green glow. Soon after, the game fish follow, and the fun begins! Submersible to 15' (cable included), this compact, 100% waterproof Quarrow light is designed to deliver many memorable outings, with its impact-resistant housing, 15-amp protective fuse, and watertight rubber endcaps. 12 green LEDs provide 80 lumens of steady illumination. Runs off any 12V DC battery; connector clips included

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    A small flashing light in the shape of undulating spoon palette (hence its name). Equipped with two split rings for fastening on the line, on lead, or possible direct arming of hooks (single or triple). Signal eye well marked. The flashing starts from contacting with water. Weight: 10 g. Length: 45 mm. Maximum width: 20 mm. Up to 600 meters.
  • The Quarrow® Submersible Fishing Light produces a bright green glow directly into the water. This bright green light sets up a natural food-chain reaction by attracting small microscopic animals known as plankton. Baitfish, such as shad and minnows, are drawn to the light to feed on this concentration of plankton. Consequently, larger gamefish move in to feed on the baitfish. Draws 0.97 amps per hour.