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  • The Shimano maintenance oil used to lubricate the Pinion. On reels P4 (without maintenance port), it Just a drop in the roller in the main shaft and handle all 5 outputs. On reels with a maintenance port, make this place a drop (no more) every 5 or 6 parts and fishing before winter.
  • This spray is designed for outdoor protection of rods and reels. It protects against corrosion all metal parts including the roller of a reel, the crank, the bottom of the coil rings and a cane. Use: in a saline environment, we recommend to spray all 3 outputs and river, all five outputs, but also before each winter or long periods without use. 113g

    Price €20.83
    Two component varnish drying in 12 hours. This kit includes a pot with resin 28 gr pot catalyst 28 gr, syringes, cup brushes.

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    Permanent marker permanent high strength. Ideal to mark and identify your nylons and your distance fishing. Very bright.

    Price €25.00
    An anti-corrosion spray with Teflon which we use for many years. It will protect your rod and your reel. It will also improve your distances run. Effective against salt.