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    Price €49.92

    The DUCK DIVE F 230, a popper signed MARIA which imposes with its 23cm and 95gr.

    Its tapered shape and its magnetic ball system make it a lure that can reach long casting distances.

    Animated with a low rod, the dry pulls will make it popper while the wide pulls will make it swim under the surface.

    With its full frame, it will be enough to equip it with suitable hooks to go and track record fish.

    A lure that has already proven itself on tuna from our coasts!

    Size 23cm, Weight 95gr

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    Price €22.92

    The Dumbbell Popper is a surface lure designed for long distances to launch popper power and hold unswervingly fish who allegedly attacked. With a perfect aerodynamic balance and studied, you can run through the wind and reach the most remote hunting. 

    Size 20cm Weight 110cm

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    IL (Super Long Distance) allows optimum launch distances, including the use of strong braids or windward, while being able to work on the surface at reasonable speed, brought full pot (explosion, bubbles) or at medium speed ( swimming).

    Size 140mm Weight 112gr

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    Price €24.92

    It allows much larger distance shots than those achieved by FL models of similar size. Brought back continuously at very low speed, it offers a swimming swaying on the surface.

    Size 140mm Weight 80gr

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    With fins and ventral grooves, it is very easy to handle walking the dog, moving from one side to another with ease thanks to its increased lift and the decrease in lateral water resistance.

    Size 140mm Weight 56gr

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    Developed for Super Long Distance throws. Very weighted, it immediately rises to the surface to be worked like any pencil, and its fins and grooves allow to give him Walking the Dog. It is swimming in linear recovery and even more incredible: let it sink, and this surface lure is transformed into jig that you can work in a waddling.

    Size 16cm, Weight 126gr

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    Price €24.92

    An excellent lure for long throws, it also offers the opportunity to be worked in walking the dog, and can be brought back continuously at low speed, offering a swim similar to that of a tapered fish surface.

    Size 16cm, Weight 90gr

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    With its fins and ventral grooves it is extremely easy to use, especially on the action walking the dog it performs brilliantly, moving from one side to another with ease thanks to its range on the water and the decrease of the lateral resistance effect.

    Size 16cm, Weight 68gr

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    Price €25.42

    A Super Popper of reasonable size to follow the current trend favoring imitations of intermediate sizes that "perform" on both tunas of our French coasts and beautiful bantam cocks of Panama. This lure is the successful representation of a small fish that also love jacks, big bars and a multitude of predators around the globe. Signal hyper aggressive eye with well marked gills.

    Size 13cm Weight 45gr Floatting

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    Price €33.25

    The KAIKEN POPPER follows the wave of success of KAIKEN stickbait, this popper was specially designed by JACKSON to fish for tunas thanks to its 1.6mm through infrastructure supporting the fierce fighting and its tapered shape that reminds them of the forage fish on the surface. The dug mouth of KAIKEN POPPER moves a maximum of water and produces a trail of large bubbles, its size 14cm is ideal for tuna but also the cock fish and small GT.

    Size 14cm Weight 52gr