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  • The Marttiini Snappy; "A handy knife with a short blade for carving and whittling." This is a nicely designed carving knife. The knife comes sharp and ready to work. The stained birch handle has a traditional bird's head puukko style pommel. The black leather sheath has a plastic liner, and will accept belts up to about 1 3/4" wide. We have found this to also be an excellent skinner for small game.

  • Rotating fish clamp

    Ergonomic handle, very pleasant in the hand, light and rotatable. The integrated scale will allow you to weigh your fish directly. Ideal for float tube or kayak fishing.

    - 360° rotating

    - Stainless steel

    - Up to 15Kg

    Size 24.5cm


    Price €8.25

    - Hanging hole for receiving a safety strap

    - Non-slip, anti-corrosion molded handle

    - Security guards

    - Stainless steel blade. Keeps its edge longer

    - Toothed part to facilitate certain cutting jobs

    - Delivered with protective case

  • The range of knives Lifestyle Marttiini Finnish style reflects and responds to various uses, not only for common tasks like cutting branches, bushes and small trees, but also for gardening, farm or forest. The range of knives Marttiini Lifestyle also offers small knives, knife type "Scout."

    Price €45.75
    Lynx has been and still is the first model Marttiini knives. It was put into production since the beginning of the plant. This range has also been awarded the fair Viipuri knife in 1932. The main feature of knives Lynx is the curvature of the blade: the tip slightly bent allows him to wear such a hot coffee during a camping trip. Lynx knives are still being produced today with their traditional design.

    Price €15.83

    This glove Tuff-Knit ™ protects against coupures.Très comfortable, you can put it on your right or left hand. Machine washable.