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  • 7266 TI

    Price €4.58
    Single hook to use in place of treble hooks on lures. Increasingly popular trend for saltwater specimen fishing. Improves catch rate vs treble hook. Designed by Hiroshi Takahashi Extremely long needle point. 11% wider Gap than competitive products. INLINE SINGLE HOOK
  • OWNER 5129 SSW

    Price €8.00
    Long shaft for mounting the bait or fly tapon, strong iron black chrome finish areas. Also suitable for mounting bellies skipjack or balyhoo.
  • SINGLE 27

    Price €6.25
    This single hook available in 7 sizes from 8 to 2/0 is designed to equip your hard lures to replace a triple. This modification can be made out of necessity (eg baby tarpon fishing in hard lure and more generally in all the meetings with the fish very hard mouths) or ethical to limit injuries before release.

    Price €4.17
    Reinforced hook fishing for marlin trolling lures or live bonito. With iron with a wide opening it is also suitable for escher a bonito in a big handlines.

    Price €20.00
    Designed for those who use very large bait trolling or sharp looking very large and powerful fish! Corrosion resistant black chrome finish.
  • AS 03

    Price €7.50
    Hook Paddle for performing editing assist Hook. This hook is ideal for certain fixtures and equip soft lures baits such as crab or cephalopods. A hook can withstand the powerful jaws of a sea bream.