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    Price €8.25

    - Hanging hole for receiving a safety strap

    - Non-slip, anti-corrosion molded handle

    - Security guards

    - Stainless steel blade. Keeps its edge longer

    - Toothed part to facilitate certain cutting jobs

    - Delivered with protective case

  • This high quality knife is beautifully decorated with a lion's head on the handle in birch. It symbolizes the Finnish resistance called "sisu" and the ongoing battle of their ancestors for the well-being of the nation.

    Price €18.33
    Moulded handle comfortable, ergonomic and non-slip. • very sharp blade for easy cutting. • Sharp made very strong carbon alloy, molybdenum and chromium. Progressive double-edged blade to ensure strength and stability. Flexible and resistant to cuts delicate point. • Guard protection. • Presentation blister. • Comes with a sharpener SH1.
  • The range of knives Lifestyle Marttiini Finnish style reflects and responds to various uses, not only for common tasks like cutting branches, bushes and small trees, but also for gardening, farm or forest. The range of knives Marttiini Lifestyle also offers small knives, knife type "Scout."
  • Fillet Marttiini knives are covered with the material of the professionals: the Martef. The blades are extremely sharp with very low friction of the blade. The Martef is very hygienic. In addition, all Marttinni Fillet knives are dishwasher-safe, with no impact on the blade.