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    Price €412.50

    OLPS 76 H UP TO 130 G:

    Regular Fast Action. Very good thrower, ideal for Cuba, Costa Rica, Guinea Bissau, certain areas of Madagascar, etc ... With its 8 kg brake, it is suitable for a large number of Exo fish.

    OLPS 86 SH UP TO 180 G:

    Super heavy 80lbs action for medium stickbaits and popper (120g). Very versatile, not very tiring, it can take 10kg of brake and fight against a beautiful GT of 25 kg or a red carp.

    OLPS 76 XH UP TO 250 G:

    A progressive action but which displays 13 kg of resistance brake. For all destinations with large fish or that require to animate a popper of 150 g.

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    Price €382.50

    SMITH Ltd used herein latest generation technology combining a carbon 24 t and 7.4 t, providing elasticity and resilience force while causing the resistance of a carbon woven fabric (woven graphite) to give power to the rod. 

    OLPS 55 ML JIGS UP TO 160 G:

    A good little cane for little jigs like Metal Forcast 85 g, also for slow jig. Soft action for small marine predators.

    OLPS 55 H JIGS UP TO 280 G:

    A very pleasant progressive action that will suit a large majority of Exo fishermen. Serioles, trevallies, groupers, will succumb to its 10 kg of brake.

    OLPS 55 XH JIGS UP TO 400 G:

    Also progressive but for stronger peaches requiring big jigs. Good cane for Madagascar for example.

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    porte canne LARK 2200

    Price €240.83

    A rod holder provided with a 90°, five-stage swing function dedicated to cruiser and motorboat fishing.

    A magic band is set in the rod holder in order to secure the rod at sea.

    Swinging left and right and jerking back and forth, and attached or detached with just a single action.

    Use the product for a fishing boat where the clamp-type Lark Saouke cannot be mounted. 

    Added with a 90° swing function.

    Possible to secure the rod holder at a position of 45° left and right according to the flow of the tide.

    This makes it possible to change the direction flexibly to avoid entanglement in narrow places. 

    855 Grms


    maximum butt diameter : 32 mm

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    Price €10.58

    Forged stainless steel single hooks with welded "Inline" eyelet and flat for the passage of the broken ring. Strong iron. Short-legged and ultra-sharp tapered straight edge with chemical sharpening. Specifically designed to arm hard lures in strong to strong peaches.

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    Once it is put into the rod holder, this accessory facilitates a 360°-degree rotation of the fishing rod

    Equipped with an adjustment clutch

    diamèter 38mm

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    Price €79.17

    Made of honeycomb elasticated fabric, the AB1 case can hold an assembled stand up or trolling rod with butt and reel.

    This facilitates transportation, protects against accidental damage, solar rays and temperature changes. Another top quality Made in Italy product that enriches the AB-1 series.

    A complete casing with unmistakable AB1 design.

    Bag is made for one rod and reel.

    Italian performance / 100% made in Italy

    Lenght 237cm

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    Price €749.17

    K.O.Z. EX S81BTM

    It has become the standard fishing rod for hunting tunas with an ideal length for very long throws, its tip more flexible than the 76BTH allowing it to be loaded with Super Surger 32 g. Curvature, reliability and continuous action fully adapted to the tuna's defense.

    Lenght 246cm, minimum size 157cm, casting power 200gr, Pe 8,weight 422gr

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    Price €1,332.50

    The new Daiwa Seaborg SB1200MJ "Power Assist" reel offers the sportsman a powerful motor that allows you the opportunity to bring up and check baits without all the back breaking work of winding by hand. Once hooked up you may switch to manual and fight the fish. With all its features the SB1200MJ may be used for an assortment of applications such as pulling light dredges, kite fishing, deep dropping or daytime sword-fishing. 

    Lifting power 130kg.

    Speed of climb 155m / minute

    • Powerful Megatwin (switchable between high/low gear
    • English version LCD
    • Magsealed ball Bearing
    • Jog Power Lever
    • Convenient 12-Volt DC Operation (acceptable range of voltage 12-16.8V)
    • Electric current usage No load – 4 amps, Rated 7/5A (Hi/Lo) amps, Maximum power – 20 amps
    • Line Counter and Depth Memory

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    Price €665.83

    Daiwa LEOBRITZ 200J-L (LEFT HANDLE) English Display Electric Reel from Japan
    Condition : NEW

    Lifting power 18kg.

    Speed of climb 170m / minute

    Item Condition    : NEW
    Gear Ratio    : 4.8:1
    Ball/Roller Bearing    :
    Weight    : 460g
    Line Capacity    : PE #2(20LB)-300m, #3(30LB)-200m
    MAX Drag    : 8.0kg
    Retrieve    : 51cm

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    Price €53.33

    For those that are constantly combating the heat while in search of that next big bite, the Pelagic VaporTek Shirt is simply a must-have. This addition to our line of performance fishing gear is built with a specially treated 100% polyester fabric with 50+ UPF rating. The unique “STRETCH FLEX” fabric is water repellent and stain resistant with anti-odor properties that will battle the ocean’s elements alongside you. Featuring full-length vented mesh panels and the incredible imagery of renowned underwater photographer, Tony Ludovico, the Pelagic VaporTek shirt is breaking new ground when it comes to performance fishing apparel.